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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Mewtwo


Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Mewtwo

How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Mewtwo is one of the strongest Pokemon in the series when discussing lore or actual stats. And considering that it originated in Kanto, it can be caught in the new Nintendo Switch titles. Here’s how to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Mewtwo may have been surpassed by future legendaries, but out of the original 151, it was the very best like no one ever was. Therefore, you’ll definitely want this powerful Pokemon on your team.

Being a legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo won’t be found just wandering the different routes or caves. There are a few different prerequisite conditions that have to be met in order to find and capture Mewtwo.

For anyone who has played Blue, Red, Yellow, or the FireRed and LeafGreen remakes, the process of getting Mewtwo will be very familiar. For those who haven’t, here are the steps to take to gain access to Mewtwo.

Firstly, only the Pokemon League champion can access Mewtwo. This means that every gym badge will have to be obtained as well as the Pokemon League defeated. Essentially, Mewtwo can’t be found until after the game has been beaten. They couldn’t have given you the most powerful Pokemon too early on now, could they?

Becoming the champion will allow you access to the Cerulean Cave, which, as its name implies, can be found in Cerulean City.

From Cerulean City, head north to Route 24. On this route, head to the very east and then south until you get to an area where you can surf. Follow the water around to a small island with a cave entrance. This is Cerulean Cave.

In the cave, you’ll have to traverse through a few different floors until you get to Mewtwo at the end. Pick up a bunch of rare items along the way, if you wish.

When finally facing off against the Genetic Pokemon itself, it has to actually be battled in order to capture, just like as if it was a trainer battle.

Mewtwo is at level 70 and has a bunch of powerful moves, including the annoying, self-healing move Recover.

While it’s not required to match its level, it’s a good idea to have some Pokemon in your party that are close to level 70. Mewtwo is weak to bug types, so a strong bug type like Scyther or Pinsir would be useful.

The fight can be made much easier by having a second player join, giving you the ability to use two Pokemon at once.

Once its HP reaches zero, it’s time to go in for the capture. This legendary’s capture odds are slim, so the more Ultra Balls the better. Or you could finally use that Master Ball you’ve been saving —this is as good a time as any.

If all goes well, you’ll have yourself a Mewtwo. Congratulations!

Once again, the steps for how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go are:

  • Become the Pokemon League champion and complete the game.
  • Surf to Cerulean Cave on the east side of Route 24 (north of Cerulean City).
  • Find Mewtwo at the end of the cave.
  • Reduce its HP to zero for an opportunity to capture it. (A Master Ball will capture it in one throw guaranteed.)

And that’s all there is to know about how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guides wiki.

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