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Spider-Man PS4: How to Get All Trophies & Platinum the Game

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Spider-Man PS4: How to Get All Trophies & Platinum the Game

How to Get All Trophies & Platinum Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 is yet another chance to fill your profile with those sweet, sweet trophies and get that coveted platinum. Not only is it a great game, but it’s also practical, eh? Well, if you truly want to get Spider-Man’s platinum trophy, Does Whatever a Spider Can, you’re going to need to get through these, first. Here’s how to get all trophies and the platinum trophy in Spider-Man PS4.

Do note that some of these might spoil the game’s story for you!

All Spider-Man PS4 Bronze Trophies

  • Amazing Coverage
    • All Surveillance Towers activated. This is probably the first thing you should do in the game, anyway. Makes everything way easier. Here’s the guide to easily scramble the towers.
  • Short Fuse
    • Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Bomb Challenge. You’ll eventually unlock all the challenges from this iconic villain, this is just one of the types of challenges you’ll have to do.
  • Fists of Fury
    • Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Combat Challenge. Same as above!
  • Ninja
    • Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Stealth Challenge. Check out above this.
  • Spy Hunter
    • Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Drone Challenge. See the above trophy.
  • Challenge Finder
    • Complete every Taskmaster Challenge in the city once. Pretty self-explanatory, right?
  • R&D
    • Complete all Research Stations.
  • Demons Emerge
    • Complete Act 1. Obvious what this is all about. Play the story! Same goes for the next two trophies.
  • The Six Assemble
    • Complete Act 2.
  • End Game
    • Complete Act 3.
  • Science FTW!
    • Craft 15 Upgrades. These are done through the gadgets menu.
  • Knocking Down Kingpin
    • Defeat Fisk. Check out our boss guide for this here.
  • Staying Positive
    • Defeat Li. You can find out how to do this using our guide here.
  • Grounded
  • Sting and Smash
    • Defeat Scorpion and Rhino. Oh, wow, who would have guessed? We have another one for that, too.
  • Tombstone
    • Defeat Tombstone. You know the drill by now, check this out.
  • Shock and Awe
    • Defeat Shocker. Click here for the guide on this one.
  • Bird Bane
    • Disturb 500 flocks of pigeons. This one takes just flying all over the place. Eventually, you’ll organically unlock this one.
  • And Stay Down!
    • Complete a level 1 Combat Benchmark.
  • Pigeon Hunter
    • Catch all of Howard’s pigeons.
  • Hug it Out
    • Knock together 10 pairs of enemies with trip mines.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
    • Complete all Side Missions. These are the blue missions you can come across on the map.
  • The Scientific Method
    • Craft your first upgrade.
  • Spider-Sensible
    • Perfect dodge 10 attacks.
  • Overdrive
    • Complete 10 Vehicle Takedowns.
  • With Great Power…
    • Pay respects at Ben Parker’s grave. You can see how to do this over here.
  • Hero For Higher
    • Perch atop Avengers Tower. Check this guide out to see how to do this.
  • Sightseeing
    • Photograph all landmarks on the map.
  • Born to Ride
    • Ride the subway 5 times. If you’re wondering how to do this, check out our post on this here.
  • Sticky and Tricky
    • Chain 4 unique tricks before landing. Check out our guide on this here.
  • Snappy Dresser
    • Wear 5 new Spider-Suits.
  • Arachnophobia
    • Perform 75 stealth takedowns.
  • Lost and Found
    • Collect 5 backpacks. We’ve got a guide to easily find all backpack locations here.
  • Spider-Man About Town
    • Greet 10 citizens. Have a look at our guide for this over here.
  • Cat’s Out of the Bag
    • Collect a Black Cat Collectible.
  • A Bit of a Fixer-Upper
    • Complete all optional projects in the lab.
  • Ace the Base
    • Complete all objectives in a base.

All Spider-Man PS4 Silver Trophies

  • Master of Masters
    • Defeat Taskmaster. This one will require you to actually complete all the challenges around the city that he’s set for you.
  • Backpacker
    • Collect all backpacks. Here’s a post for how to do this easily!
  • Cat Prints
    • Track down Black Cat. This one’s as simple as completing all the Black Cat side quests around.
  • Inner Sanctuary
    • Take down each Demon Warehouse. Exactly what the description says!
  • All the King’s Men
    • Take down each Fisk Hideout. Enough said.
  • Mercenary Tactics
    • Take down each Sable Outpost. Pretty much it!
  • Back in the Slammer
    • Take down each Prisoner Camp. Exactly that.
  • Neighborhood Watch
    • Complete all Faction Crimes in a district. These are the red warning triangles that will pop as you stroll around the city.
  • A Suit For All Seasons
    • Purchase all suits. Take a peep at our post for how to do this over here!
  • Schooled
    • Complete all of the Corrupted Student missions. This one’s a side mission line (the blue icons around town). You’ll eventually unlock it, it has about 5 missions within it, and it’ll always be found at the ESU campus.

All Spider-Man PS4 Gold Trophies

  • Superior Spider-Man
    • Unlock all skills.
  • I Heart Manhattan
    • 100% complete all districts.

That’s all you need to know to get all trophies and get the platinum in Spider-Man PS4. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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