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Spider-Man PS4: How to Get All Suits & Costumes

Spider-Man PS4, how to get all suits and costumes in spider-man

Spider-Man PS4: How to Get All Suits & Costumes

How to Get All Suits in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man for the PS4 brings in all the references that fans could possibly want. There are backpacks, landmarks, and – of course – plenty of suits you can change into! Here’s how to get all suit in Spider-Man PS4.

Okay, so, basically, it’s incredibly easy to unlock suits in Spider-Man PS4. You buy each suit using any number of tokens. These can be Landmark Tokens, or Research ones, or Challenge ones, etc. You need to get those, first, and then you can buy each one.

You can’t just buy any suit as soon as you’ve got the required number of tokens, though. Instead, you’ll need to either first complete certain main story missions, or reach a certain level as Spider-Man.

This is how you get majority of the outfits that you can wear. Majority, though. Not all of them!

The only ones that work differently are the ones you get for getting all the backpacks in the map, for completing all of Black Cat’s missions, and the final one is the one you get for getting 100% completion in the game. That’s how these differ.

Check out our complete list below of all Spider-Man PS4 suits, including their unlock requirements and what tokens you’ll need to spend to craft each one.

How to Unlock All Suits in Spider-Man PS4 (Unlock Requirements and Costs)

  • Advanced – Unlocked after completing ‘Something Old, Something New.’
    • Cost – 1 Backpack, 2 Crime
  • Classic (Battle Damaged) – Unlocked after completing ‘Something Old, Something New.’
    • Cost – Free
  • Classic (Repaired) – Unlocked after completing story mission ‘Something Old, Something New.’
    • Cost – 2 Backpack, 2 Crime
  • Noir – Unlocked after completing story mission ‘Something Old, Something New.’
    • Cost – 2 Backpack, 1 Base
  • Scarlet Spider – You’ll unlock this suit upon reaching level 4 in Spider-Man PS4.
    • Cost – 3 Crime, 2 Landmark
  • Spider-Armor MK II – Unlocked at level 5
    • Cost – 1 Base, 1 Landmark, 2 Research
  • Secret War (2005) – Unlocked at level 7
    • Cost – 2 Backpack, 1 Base, 2 Research
  • Homecoming (Stark Suit) – Unlocked at level 9.
    • Cost – 1 Base, 3 Crime, 1 Research
  • Negative Suit – Unlocked after reaching level 11.
    • Cost – 1 Base, 2 Landmark, 1 Research
  • Electric Insulated – Unlock upon reaching level 13.
    • Cost – 1 Base, 3 Crime, 1 Research
  • Spider-Punk – Unlocked after reaching level 16.
    • Cost – 2 Backpack, 3 Crime, 2 Landmark
  • Wrestler – Unlocked after reaching level 19.
    • Cost – 2 Backpack, 2 Base, 2 Research
  • Fear Itself – Unlocked after reaching level 21. 
    • Cost – 2 Base, 6 Challenge, 3 Research
  • Stealth – Reach level 23 to unlock this suit in Spider-Man PS4.
    • Cost – 2 Base, 4 Challenge, 3 Landmark
  • Spider Armor – MK III – Reach level 26 and you’ll unlock this suit.
    • Cost – 2 Base, 4 Challenge, 4 Crime
  • 2099 Black – Reach level 29 to unlock this suit.
    • 2 Base, 4 Crime, 4 Research
  • Iron Spider – Unlocked at level 31.
    • Cost – 3 Base, 3 Challenge, 4 Crime
  • Velocity – Unlocked at level 33.
    • Cost – 2 Backpack, 4 Challenge, 2 Landmark
  • Spider Armor – MK IV – Unlocked at level 35.
    • Cost – 4 Base, 4 Challenge, 3 Landmark
  • Spirit Spider – Unlocked at level 37.
    • Cost – 6 Base, 6 Challenge, 6 Crime
  • 2099 White – Unlocked at level 39.
    • Cost – 4 Base, 4 Challenge, 4 Crime
  • Vintage Comic Book (Animated) – Unlocked at level 41.
    • Cost – 4 Backpack, 4 Challenge, 4 Crime
  • Last Stand – Unlocked at level 45.
    • 20 Crime
  • Naked – Unlocked after completing story mission “Pax in Bello”
    • Cost – You need to complete all main missions, side quests, and reach 100% district completion in all districts to be able to create this suit.
  • Homemade – Complete story mission “Something Old, Something New.”
    • Find all the Backpacks in Spider-Man PS4 to gain access to this suit.
  • Anti-OCK – Complete story mission “Pax in Bello.”
    • Cost – Free
  • Dark Suit – Complete story mission “Stakeout.”
    • Cost – Complete all Black Cat Stakeout missions and get this suit for free.
  • ESU Suit – Complete all Secret Photo Ops to get this suit for free.

If you’re interested in seeing how all of them look, you can check out our video on that over here. Fans are sure to have a smile on their face seeing some of the clothes you can get within the game. A whole lot of references in the entire Spidey universe can be found among them.

That’s it! That’s how to get all suits costumes in Spider-Man PS4. If you need any other help with the game, you should check out our wiki for the game.

It’s constantly being updated with more and more guides so you’re sure to find an answer. If you want to ask us directly, you can leave a comment down below and we’ll try our best to help you out.


Question: How do you unlock all suits in Spider-Man PS4?

Answer: Suits are unlocked by either completing a story mission, or by reaching a particular level as Spider-Man. There are also three bonus suits which can be unlocked by collecting all backpacks, completing all Black Cat missions, and reaching 100% completion. You’ll then need to craft most suits with the various Tokens within the game. Check our guide for a full list.

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