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Spider-Man PS4: Top 5 Best Skills You Can Get


Spider-Man PS4: Top 5 Best Skills You Can Get

Spider-Man for the PS4 is full of things to do and unlock. Skills are no exception, and you’ll be able to RPG it up in this game, as well. Here are the best skills you can get in Spider-Man for the PS4.

Best Skills You Can Get in Spider-Man PS4

Perfect Dodge

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This is one of the first skills you can gain access to in Spider-Man PS4, and it’s one that we’d absolutely recommend that you get as soon as you can. Simply put, Perfect Dodge grants you the ability to pull off an even cooler dodge than the standard one in Spider-Man PS4.

Perfect Dodge will turn your Spider sense blue at the optimal time to dodge. If you successfully press Circle at this point, you’ll pull off a Perfect Dodge in Spider-Man PS4, shooting the enemy in the face with your web to temporarily stun them.

Not only does that leave them wide open for a follow-up attack, but you’ll also earn bonus focus, which you can either save up for a finisher, or pour back into your health bar.

When things begin getting incredibly hectic in the combat towards the end of Spider-Man PS4, rest assured you’ll be glad you got Perfect Dodge.

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