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Spider-Man PS4: How to Get Research Tokens


Spider-Man PS4: How to Get Research Tokens

How to Get Research Tokens in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man games have always had a ton of collectibles and just plain ol’ general things to get strewn about their sprawling versions of Manhattan. Insomniac’s iteration of the web-slinging series is no different. This time around, there are Research Tokens you can collect which will help you buy upgrades, suits, and more. Here’s how to get yourself as many of these Research Tokens as you can in Spider-Man PS4.

The first way you’ll come across Research Tokens in Spider-Man PS4 is by continuing through the story until you get the side mission involving helping your ol’ pal Harry.

He’s entrusted you with taking care of labs he’s set up all over Manhattan to take care of the public’s health in various ways. You can head to them, interact with them, and you’ll get a Research Token. Then, if you enter the lab and interact with the board in there, you’ll partake in a mission. Once completed, you’ll get two tokens.

Completing all of these nets you a trophy, too, by the way. And the labs also become fast travel points on the map.

The second way you can get yourself some of these valuable Research Tokens is after continuing through the story yet again. Eventually, you’ll get access to the side mission that has you meeting up with Howard, the pigeon trainer.

He wants you to gather up his pigeons, which are all scattered about the city. Getting them back for him (also a trophy) nets you one token each.

That’s how to get Research Tokens in Spider-Man PS4. If you’re on the lookout for any other guides, check out our constantly expanding Spider-Man PS4 wiki. If you’d rather ask us a question directly, go ahead and leave it in the comments below. We’ll try our best to help you out.

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