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Spider-Man PS4: Where Avengers Tower’s Location Is (Hero For Higher Trophy)


Spider-Man PS4: Where Avengers Tower’s Location Is (Hero For Higher Trophy)

Where Avengers Tower’s Location Is (Hero For Higher Trophy) in Spider-Man PS4

The latest Spider-Man adventure takes players all over New York City as Peter Parker takes on some of the deadliest foes he’s ever faced. As a Marvel game, expect plenty of interesting Easter eggs and other surprises tucked in, including the iconic Avengers Tower. If you’ve been traveling across the map, there’s a chance that you might have seen the place a few times, but for those who haven’t, here’s where to find it in Spider-Man.

To reach the Avengers Tower, head on over to the northeastern side of the map. You can see the exact location in this video. You’ll want to swing by the Upper East Side district and keep an eye out for Central Park.

Once you’re near the area, you should see a police department, and if you head right below it, you’ll come across the Avengers Tower in Spider-Man. While the building does confirm that the Avengers do exist in the game’s universe, don’t expect to find Iron Man, Captain America, or any other member from the team going around and fighting crime.

You honestly won’t have much trouble finding it because the building is huge, and it’s actually the tallest one in the game. In fact, you will have to find the tower to unlock the Hero For Higher trophy in Spider-Man, so make sure you drop by if you’re planning to nab all of the trophies.

Like with all other structures in this game, you can scale the Avengers Tower and get a pretty sick view of New York City. There’s no better feeling than free-falling and swinging around from building to building, after all.

Apart from the Avengers Tower, there are plenty of other discoveries you can find in the game. For more tips and tricks on Spider-Man for PS4, make sure to take a look at our handy wiki.

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