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Spider-Man PS4: How to Unlock & See More of the Map


Spider-Man PS4: How to Unlock & See More of the Map

How to Unlock & See More of the Map in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man for PS4 is packed with plenty of places to explore, offering a vast fully explorable open world. Aside from swinging around and fighting bad guys, you’ll also be spending plenty of time exploring New York City and helping civilians. When you start your adventure, you’ll notice that most parts of the map are still missing. Here’s how to unlock and see more of your map in Spider-Man for PS4.

New York City is a concrete jungle filled with different buildings, and you’ll want to be on the lookout for special towers that are marked on your map in Spider-Man.

Once you find one, head over there and climb to the top of the tower, which will then prompt a mini-game in which you will have to descramble and sync up frequency lines. It’s pretty simple since you just need to use both left and right analog sticks to configure to lines to the same frequency you see on your screen.

Once you’ve finally completed the puzzle, you should have a wider coverage of New York City on your map. All you need to do is look for these towers until you’ve finally laid out New York City.

The map is one of the most important tools you’ll be using in Spider-Man for PS4. You can bring it up by pressing the touchpad and check all points of interest. More importantly, however, is that the only way to fast travel in Spider-Man is by bringing up the map.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for Spider-Man for PS4, be sure to take a look at our wiki for some other helpful guides.

Best of luck exploring Manhattan, swinging and hanging around, and of course, fighting crime and impressing Mary Jane.

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