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Spider-Man PS4: How to Beat Tombstone


Spider-Man PS4: How to Beat Tombstone

How to Beat Tombstone in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man for the PS4 brings all the references to the table. With great references, comes great responsibility. The bosses you face, even, will be wonderful nods to the Spidey-verse. Tombstone is one such villain that rears his ugly face. You’ll get a sweet trophy (named after him) if you manage to beat him, but he isn’t actually a part of the main campaign, so he’s missable. Here’s how to beat Tombstone in Spider-Man for the PS4.

After MJ infiltrates his hideout, you’ll actually open the ability to pursue the side mission that leads you to fight Tombstone. Thus, you’re looking for the blue icon. It’ll appear near the top right-hand corner of the map and its mission name should start with “Tombstone.”

This will lead you to fight some bikers, find out a cure for his freakish zombie abilities, and an inevitable boss fight.

While you’re fighting him, you’re going to want to focus on webbing him. I recommend the web bombs or impact webs for this, as they’ll do it quickly. Once he’s webbed up, pummel him with your fists and kicks. If he brings in his thugs, you need to take care of them, first.

Eventually, Spider-Man will be able to force him to inhale the cure, which in turn will make him actually vulnerable to your attacks. The rest of the fight is easy, but he will start trying to whip you with a fire chain. So, you know, keep your finger on that Circle dodge.

That’s how you do it, though! That’s how you beat Tombstone and nab that sweet trophy for your troubles in Spider-Man for the PS4. If you need any other help with the game be sure to check out our wiki for it! We’re constantly updating it with new guides. If you’d rather ask directly, leave a comment down below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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