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Fortnite Switch Bundle Releases Next Month with Special Bonuses


Fortnite Switch Bundle Releases Next Month with Special Bonuses

Another Nintendo Switch bundle has been announced along side the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokemon Let’s Go bundles. Sadly, the Fornite Switch bundle won’t come with a flashy, unique design like the others, but it will provide those who purchased it with in-game bonuses and will release on Oct. 5.

Titled the Double Helix Bundle, this addition will come with 1 thousand V-Bucks for players to utilize as they wish, a unique skin, glider, pickax and various cosmetics. The bundle comes with everything you’d expect from the standard Switch purchase plus the pre-installed Fortnite game. Considering the upcoming release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode, this move can only make Fortnite that much more of a massive competitor in the genre.

Lucky for fans on this monumental world of player-vs-player action, Fornite will not require a Nintendo Online subscription to play with the community, a rather smart move on Nintendo’s part. Because it is not on the list of first-party Nintendo titles, Fortnite on Switch will, for the time being, have a leg up on its Xbox and PlayStation counterparts.

Most recently, Fornite has received a patch that includes a portable fortress to further shake up the game’s already tense gameplay, new items for Playground and a limited time solo mode that highlights the game’s gliders.

The Fortnite Switch bundle will be available for purchase on Oct. 5.

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