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League of Legends: New Nidalee Skin Splash Arts Revealed


League of Legends: New Nidalee Skin Splash Arts Revealed

Check out new art for everyone’s favorite spear-thrower.

Today’s League of Legends PBE update brought us new and fantastic splash arts for Nidalee’s skins. Joining the ranks of Trundle and Evelynn, Nid’s new splashes are looking better than ever, particularly the cats. Even more particularly, the Bewitching Nidalee cat, who is absolutely not having a fun time.

Take a look at the new art below, courtesy of Surrender @20. Let us know which splash is your favorite, and which League champ deserves some art love next.


Bewitching Nidalee

Bewitching Nidalee splash art skin new

Pharaoh Nidalee

Pharaoh Nidalee skin splash art new

Snow Bunny Nidalee

Snow Bunny Nidalee skin splash art

French Maid Nidalee

French Maid Nidalee skin splash art new

Leopard Nidalee

Leopard Nidalee skin splash art new

In other news, Riot recently revealed plans for a /Remake feature, which will let teams opt out of 4v5 games. Patch 6.10 also just landed, bringing a bunch of nerfs, buffs, and the new champion, Taliyah.

For even more League of Legends, check out our gallery of epic League cosplay, this Pokémon-League of Legends crossover video, or the new wrestling-inspired skins for Volibear, Gnar and Mundo.

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