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Check Out These Overwatch Heroes in the Style of Dark Souls


Check Out These Overwatch Heroes in the Style of Dark Souls

Overwatch just got a lot darker.

One fan of Overwatch and Dark Souls has decided to combine the two series together to form some rather incredible Dark Souls-styled Overwatch heroes.

The art was posted by Reddit user Doctaword, who apparently threw the artwork together during the week. By combining the shadowy and ominous nature of the Dark Souls universe, with five of Overwatch’s heroes, they’ve nailed the Dark Souls aesthetic.

Heck, these guys wouldn’t look out of place as boss battles in the series. While the five heroes do look awesome, we’d have loved to have seen the likes of D.Va, Winston, and Reaper get similar Dark Souls treatment. After all, a darker version of the already creepy Reaper would be pretty damn terrifying. You can check out all of Doctaword’s Dark Souls-ified Overwatch heroes below.

Butcher Roadhog

Roadhog, Overwatch, Dark Souls

Guardian Reinhardt

Reinhardt, Overwatch, Dark Souls

Hanzo the Betrayer

Hanzo, Overwatch, Dark Souls

Unstable Tracer

Tracer, Overwatch, Dark Souls

Angel of Mercy

Mercy, Overwatch, Dark Souls

Now all we need is the rest of Overwatch’s heroes and we’d have a much darker version of the game. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Doctaword’s work soon.

Do you think these characters would fit into the Dark Souls universe? Let us know in the comments below.


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