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League of Legends: Evelynn’s New Splash Art Is One Hell of an Upgrade


League of Legends: Evelynn’s New Splash Art Is One Hell of an Upgrade

The pink hair finally works.

Evelynn hasn’t always been the most fortuitous League of Legends champion when it come to splash art, and by no fault of her own. It’s tough to make blue skin, pink hair and matching spikey armor come together in a single shot. But this is 2016, and we’ve finally done it.

Evelynn League of Legends new splash art update

Evelynn’s new art is likely to accompany an upcoming rework, an idea Riot has floated around in the past. It’s also part of a sweeping splash update working to unify art across the world and raise quality overall.

evelynn original old splash league of legends

Pour one out for old Evelynn.

In other news, Taric is testing his rework on the PBE right now, complete with some Fabio-esque splash art and a fantastic Armor of the Fifth Age splash as well. You can check out the details of his new abilities and all his new artwork here.

evelynn original splash league of legends old

And pour two out for this one.

Riot also recently announced big changes coming to the SKT 2015 championship skins after some less than positive fan feedback. Meanwhile, Garen is being accidentally worshiped as a deity in China.

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