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This Pokémon League of Legends Crossover Video Is Top Notch

league of legends pokemon crossover video mashup

This Pokémon League of Legends Crossover Video Is Top Notch

Wild Nidalee used Swipe! It’s super overpowered!

A new video by SpudBunch dares to mashup a popular MOBA and a beloved handheld game. Yep, League of Legends and Pokémon are getting real close in an awesome crossover.

The opening turns the Pokémon Emerald intro into a Riot Games creation, with Ashe as the protagonist. As she begins her journey, she quickly encounters a wild Nidalee in the tall grass. Nidalee and Ashe’s Anivia duke it out in turn-based battle, and needless to say, Swipe is super overpowered. Towards the end, we also get a chance to see Gnar evolve into Mega Gnar.

This is SpudBunch’s second League of Legends crossover, the first being a parody of the Fallout 4 Wanderer trailer.

In other news, Riot recently revealed new Dark Souls-inspired skins for Kayle, Nocturne and Singed. Not only are they gothic as hell, but their splash is going in a radically different art direction. For more League of Legends, check out our tour of Riftwalk at PAX East, or this collection of some of the coolest LoL cosplay out there.

Let us know what kind of League mashups you’d want to see next, and for more, check out some of today’s top stories below.

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