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Tomorrow’s League of Legends 6.10 Patch Brings Nerfs, Buffs, and New Champion Taliyah


Tomorrow’s League of Legends 6.10 Patch Brings Nerfs, Buffs, and New Champion Taliyah

Nerf, buffs, and a new champion are all part of the 6.10 patch.

Riot Games has detailed the League of Legends 6.10 patch for tomorrow, which will introduce a bunch of tweaks, as well as the newest champion, Taliyah, to the public server.


Starting with the champion tweaks, the 6.10 update will introduce a slight nerf to Malzahar passive by increasing its cooldown from 23 seconds at level 1 and 6 seconds at level 18 to 30/18/10/6 seconds at levels 1/6/11/18. Aurelion Sol will also be receiving more nerfs in the form of a damage decrease in his ult and an increase to his W Celestial Expansion.

Swain’s also getting a decent buff in the next patch, as his health growth stat has been buffed from 78 to 90. Swain’s Q Decrepify will also get a slight buff, as it will execute minions below 10 health, and Swain’s ult Ravenous Flocks healing verses champions and minions has been increased. According to the patch notes, the reason why Swain has been buffed is because, “At present, Swain’s healing is based on the damage dealt – meaning the more magic resist an opponent has, the less health. This means the burly tanks of the world that Swain’s meant to prey on in lane quickly turn predator, reducing both Swain’s damage and sustain through items.”


The 6.10 patch will also give Nocturne’s passive an AP scaling of .15 per hit as well as Shyvana’s W, which now scales with 0.1 AP per second and .25 AP on hit.

Outside the champion tweaks, the 6.10 patch will also increase Bloodrazor’s enchantment attack speed to 50% and its on hit damage to 4% of the target’s maximum health. The turrets have also been buffed to take less true damage with its backdoor effect and Ocean Dragon has been nerfed so its regen effects only work when outside battle.


This patch will also introduce Mastery Level 6 and 7 as well as the new Super Galaxy Fizz, Kindred and Shyvana skins, which will each cost 1350 RP. There will also be 6 new Super Galaxy summoner icons, and Tristana will be receiving new skin splash art.

According to Surrender at 20, service maintenance for the patch will take place tomorrow at “at 3:00 am PT for NA, 5:00 UK time for EUW, and 3:00 CEST for EUNE.” For the NA service maintenance, ranked queues will be disabled from 1:30am PT.

These are just some of the biggest changes that are coming tomorrow with the 6.10 patch. You can check out the rest of the patch notes here.

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