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Hideo Kojima Unveils the Character from the Kojima Productions Logo


Hideo Kojima Unveils the Character from the Kojima Productions Logo

Yes, it’s as cool as you imagined.

Seemingly out of the blue, Hideo Kojima decided to take to Twitter to reveal the rest of the character represented in the Kojima Productions logo. The logo itself is a profile of what looks like a skeleton inside of some sort of helmet, but that’s all we’ve gotten so far… until now.

Kojima showed off a render of the character as it appears with the rest of what we now know is its suit. This character, named Ludens, sports a sort of spacesuit with an astronaut-like backpack, and it’s even holding a flag, not unlike the photographs taken of the 1969 Moon landing. Check out the character for yourself:

Many may remember when the new Kojima Productions website launched and how it featured a cryptic message: “We are Homo Ludens. We are those who play.” In Latin, “Homo Ludens” translates to “Man playing,” which could give some indication as to the role of this new character; it’s all very mysterious.

Kojima went on to express that they will eventually reveal “THE NEW PLAY in THE NEW FUTURE,” which could signify footage of the project that Kojima Productions has been working on. The only other detail he pointed out was that the character’s suit is an Extra Vehicular Activity suit, an EVA suit, in other words, this all have something to do with mecha. After today, it could be safe to assume that Ludens will be the protagonist of an upcoming title involving space mechs to some extent, although there’s really no way of knowing just yet. We’ll be keeping you posted on any new updates on Kojima Productions’ mystery project as the details emerge.

What do you think is Ludens’ role in Kojima Productions? Do you think it’s just a mascot or part of something bigger? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

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