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Miitomo Questions Only Used for Good and “Better Experiences,” Says Nintendo


Miitomo Questions Only Used for Good and “Better Experiences,” Says Nintendo

Nintendo cares about your privacy.

Responding to concerns regarding Miitomo’s privacy policy, Nintendo has assured users its Miitomo questions are to “spark fun conversation,” and are not acting as a marketing survey.

“As to the answer information our consumers provide through the Miitomo app,” a Nintendo spokesperson told Kotaku, “it is only used to provide a better experience for Nintendo consumers and to support the application.”

Nintendo’s statement comes amid speculation the company is using the Miitomo app for commercial gain—which would be especially devious, given the intimacy the app aims to create. Many of the questions seem harmless: “What’s the best thing about cats?” or “If you could travel through time, where and when would you go first?”

According to Kotaku, after a while, questions become a little more suspicious. “How often do you buy a new cell phone?” “What clothing store would you recommend?”

However, Nintendo remains adamant those questions are simply for users to “discover new facts” about their friends. The company promises that “neither Nintendo nor any of its partners sells or shares that answer information for any other purposes” besides supporting the application.

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This post was originally written by Nicole Carpenter.

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