A range of new Pals in the new Palworld update.
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Palworld Players Love the Sakurajima Update’s Lesser-Known Changes

Happy with these new features?

Pocketpair’s monster-catching RPG Palworld was one of the early 2024 breakout hits, enamoring players with its blend of Pokemon-style mechanics and gun-toting action. In the six months since its overnight success, the devs have been working on the new Sakurajima expansion, which has finally landed. While most of the attention focuses on its new Pals, bosses, and region, some eagle-eyed players prefer the smaller changes it adds.

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Are You a Fan of the Palworld Sakurajima Update’s New Changes?

Over on the Palworld subreddit, fans are chatting about some of the lesser-known changes added in the Sakurajima update that caught their eye.

So far, the most upvoted comments focus on the changes that streamline your Pal base management. User Artemus_Hackwell outlines some of these, mentioning the light that now appears when a Pal egg has fully incubated. Alongside that, you can now tag Pals in your Palbox as favorites, and sort them by new filters. There’s also an easier way to assign Pals to tasks directly from the monitor, rather than chasing Pals around.

Another benefit, as outlined by beans2020, is that the Capture XP bonus each time you catch a Pal has increased from 10 to 12. While that might seem minimal, it certainly helps ease the early-game grind to level up faster.

Promotional art from the new Palworld update.
Image Source: Pocketpair

Dungeons have also enjoyed some minor tweaks that aren’t as flashy as other elements of the Sakurajima region. User Demonking3343 highlights these, which range from new flowers in dungeons to use for potion brewing to patching out a wall glitch that let you skip through the dungeon.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), though, not everyone is quite as satisfied. Criticism has been leveled at the update’s failure to add crossplay between Xbox and Steam versions of Palworld, which the community has requested for a while:

For more on the new Palworld update, check out how to get Crude Oil and how to craft Plasteel Gear. We’ve also got guides on how to defeat Blazamut Ryu and the Saya & Selyne Tower Boss.

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