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Wuthering Waves Players are Angry About Unbeatable Event Boss

A wave of skill issue in the Wuthering Waves community

Wuthering Waves 1.1 has received universal praise from the fandom for all the improvements and changes that Kuro Games has implemented. However, one aspect of the latest version has come under scrutiny. Many Wuthering Waves players are complaining about the ridiculously difficult Mighty Lightcrusher and Construct: Protective Scales bosses.

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Are These Wuthering Waves Bosses Too Hard?

What makes these bosses so difficult is the fact that they’re both Red Elite enemies at Level 120 each. Considering that the average player is currently around level 60 or 70, these fights seem almost impossible for everyone. Even if you know how to use the counterattack mechanic, both enemies have fast and punishing attacks that would be very hard to consistently dodge for most players.

Both of these enemies would normally be optional content for only the most ambitious of players to challenge. However, Kuro Games has included both of these extremely difficult fights in two out of the 16 quests for the Mt. Firmament storyline.

Kuro Games is aware that most players will not be able to defeat these bosses, so they’ve reduced the rewards for the above-mentioned quests. Many fans have expressed their displeasure with the addition of these quests as they feel that they’ll lose out on the event rewards because the fights seem impossible.

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However, this has not stopped the more ambitious and thrill-seeking players from going out and seeking battle with these fearsome Tacet Discords. Some are simply flexing their OP builds with characters like Jinhsi, who can actually take down these monstrosities in a DPS battle, while others are showing off their superior mechanics by dodging every blow and landing powerful counterattacks for Max HP% damage.

Not only has Kuro Games provided an excellent new update, but they’ve also provided a (I’m sorry for making the comparison) Dark Souls-style challenge for players to tackle. This is truly the Dark Souls of gacha games. If you’re a fan of such challenges, you’ll love taking on the Mighty Lightcrusher and Construct: Protective Scales bosses, as many players have.

While not everyone is happy with the sudden spike in difficulty, we’re sure that with enough attempts and practice, anyone can deal with both of these powerful bosses. Remember, the real reward is overcoming the toughest obstacles in your way!

P.S. If those two aren’t enough of a challenge for you, try out the two Level 100 Ice Wolves packed together in the same location!

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