Blazamut Ryu Paldeck in Palworld
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How to Summon & Defeat Blazamut Ryu in Palworld

Defeat this new Raid Boss in a blaze of glory!

If you thought Bellanoir was a formidable Raid Boss in Palworld, you’ll want to power up your best Pals and weapons once again, as Blazamut Ryu has entered the fray. This Raid Boss provides an entirely new challenge for players, and if you’re itching to try it out, here’s our handy guide for how to summon and defeat Blazamut Ryu in Palworld.

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How to Summon Blazamut Ryu in Palworld

Building a Summoning Altar in Palworld
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Similar to the Bellanoir Raid Boss, if you want to take on Blazamut Ryu, you’ll first need to gather the necessary items to summon it. Just like before, you’ll first need to find and acquire Blazamut Ryu Slab Fragments, and the best way to do that is by completing the Cherry Blossom Cave dungeons found in the Sakurajima Island region.

Upon reaching the “boss” of the dungeon and defeating it, you’ll be rewarded with two treasure chests full of loot, and one of those will likely contain a Blazamut Ryu Fragment. You’ll need a total of four fragments in order to then craft the Blazamut Ryu Slab.

Once you have all of your fragments, you can craft the Blazamut Ryu Slab at a Production Assembly Line II constructed at any of your established bases. When that is finished, tuck the Slab away in your inventory and then choose an appropriate area to build a Summoning Altar. If you haven’t done so already, the Summoning Altar is unlocked via your Ancient Technology Menu at Level 33.

A Summoning Altar must be built within a base’s perimeter, so it’s highly recommended that you establish an extra base with nothing else in it in a wide, open area with plenty of room to move around. Remember that you can unlock a fourth base by reaching Level 25 at any of your existing ones.

Once you’ve designated a spot for your Summoning Altar, make sure to prepare your intended team of Pals with the best stat boosts and traits possible (e.g. Pal Souls, Breeding, etc), the best weapons, and bring friends along if you can.

Place the Blazamut Ryu Slab in the Summoning Altar, and the fight will begin shortly after with a 10-minute timer, similar to Tower Bosses.

How to Defeat Blazamut Ryu in Palworld

Fighting Blazamut Ryu in Palworld
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Blazamut Ryu is a fiercely aggressive Raid Boss in Palworld that will come out swinging the moment you summon it, so make sure you have your Pals deployed and ready, and have your chosen starter weapon reloaded. Bringing at least one well-prepared friend along for this fight is highly recommended, as Blazamut Ryu’s health is stacked at a hefty 512,000 HP.

Blazamut Ryu’s elements are Dragon and Fire, which is a tricky combo to subvert, so you’ll want to prioritize Pals with elements such as Water, Neutral, or Ground. Ice can also work if the Pal in question has substantial resistance to Blazamut Ryu’s fire attacks.

Despite its size, Blazamut Ryu is very agile with its attack set and won’t remain still for very long, so long-range weapons are your best bet. You’ll want to deal as much damage as possible from the outset, and remember that since you’re on a base you can choose to have your entire team of Pals deployed at once. Having over a dozen of them out at the same time will help keep Blazamut Ryu occupied while you unleash damage from your end.

As mentioned before, long-ranged weapons are a priority, so bring along a high-powered Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Laser Rifle, Missile Launcher, and even a Gatling Gun if you can get enough Plasteel together for one.

Blazamut Ryu deals devasting fire and dragon-elemental attacks, and for his most commonly used one, he’ll circle the entire area as a ball of energy before crashing down with a high-damage explosion, so figure out where he’ll land for it and dodge accordingly.

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