Crude Oil Extractor in Palworld
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How to Get Crude Oil in Palworld

Dig up that liquid gold!

There is an immense variety of crafting materials for aspiring Pal adventurers to find and make use of and one of the most important among them is Crude Oil. If you’re wondering how to pull this crucial endgame material from the ground, here’s our handy guide for how to make Crude Oil in Palworld.

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How to Find Crude Oil in Palworld

Crude Oil item description in Palworld
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Crude Oil is a newer crafting material found primarily in the Sakurajima region of the game’s world map. There are a few different ways to acquire it, but while most are by chance or provide smaller quantities, there is one that provides consistent quotas of Crude Oil.

First off, you have a chance to find Crude Oil in rare Supply Drop events. Crude Oil is also a guaranteed drop from Kikit Pals, which are found in the sandy areas of the Sakurajima region. However, those only provide 2 x Crude Oil per capture/kill, and it’s not guaranteed. Menasting Terra, found in the same desert area, can drop it as well.

Perhaps the most challenging method for getting Crude Oil is by reaching and conquering the Oil Rig Stronghold off the east coast of Marsh Island. Reaching it without being shot down out of the sky is a victory in itself, but if you manage to land there and conquer it, you can get a hefty amount of Crude Oil. Not only do the Syndicate grunts drop some after dying, but a bright gold supply crate inside the facility holds 50 x Crude Oil as well.

For bigger, sustainable sources of Crude Oil, you need to look for exposed veins of bubbling oil, which again are found solely in the Sakurajima region. They’re easy to find on the map by looking for black spots, and each Oil Field location has at least two veins available. To make use of these, however, you’ll need to construct Crude Oil Extractors.

How to Build & Use a Crude Oil Extractor in Palworld

Crude Oil Extractor description in Palworld
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The Crude Oil Extractor is a newer addition to the Technology Menu in Palworld, and as its name suggests it’s used to extract Crude Oil from exposed veins in designated Oil Fields areas. To start building stores of Crude Oil for your crafting needs, you’ll need to build at least one of these Crude Oil Extractors.

First off, make sure to unlock the Crude Oil Extractor blueprint via your Technology Menu at Level 50. Then it’s a matter of gathering the resources required to build it, which in this case requires need the following:

  • 250 x Pal Metal Ingots (made at an Electric Furnace; Ore and Paldium Fragments required)
  • 50 x Circuit Boards (made at a Production Assembly Line II; Pure Quartz and Polymer required)

Once you have all those prepared, position the Crude Oil Extractor on top of the exposed vein and construct it. In order for it to function, you will also need a heft and reliable source of electricity, as this machine needs a lot of it. Construct at least one Large Generator (Level 49; 200 x Pal Megal Ingots & 200 x Electric Organs) somewhere nearby with a Raipal to run it. You should also build an Electric Pylon (Level 48 unlock; 100 x Ingots, 30 x Electric Organs, 20 x Circuit Boards) to help improve the efficiency of electricity generation.

Alternatively, you can build Power Generators, but these don’t seem to do the job and will just run your Pals’ health into the ground trying to produce enough power.

Due to its high electricity consumption, your Crude Oil Extractor will likely take time to produce sufficient amounts of Crude Oil, so in the meantime, we still suggest seeking out Kikit Pals and Supply Drops to help supplement it.

Make sure to have proper storage in place to transport your produced Crude Oil. It’s a primary ingredient in Plasteel, which is used to craft many of the game’s most powerful weapons and armor, so needless to say you’ll be using plenty of it.

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