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Dr Disrespect Claims Warzone 2 is “Worst Battle Royale Ever” After Dying To Hacker

Dr Disrespect next to Warzone 2 character and logo
Image SourcE: Activision / YT: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect Claims Warzone 2 is “Worst Battle Royale Ever” After Dying To Hacker

Harsh words from the Doctor.

Dr Disrespect is seldom known to hold back on sharing his thoughts on a video game, especially when it’s one in the Call of Duty franchise. He has been an outspoken critic of Warzone 2 since its release, claiming it’s designed for “brainless” gamers and needs major changes to succeed.

Unfortunately, ahead of Season Two Reloaded, it’s still frustrating the mustachioed maverick as much as it has done previously. While live streaming Warzone 2 to his millions of fans, the Doc encountered an enemy believed to be hacking and, to make matters worse, donning the KV Broadside shotgun. After tracking him through a wall and spamming him to death, the Doc lost his proverbial rag with Warzone 2, especially when a subsequent Gulag 1v1 was lost.

“I think Warzone 2.0 might be the worst battle royale ever made,” he said. “Z, I’m gonna go out on a limb – I think Warzone 2 might be the worst battle royale ever… Name one that’s worse. Like I know Battlefield put out one that was a very sandboxy experience, Firestorm. I’ll tell you right now I had a good time on that one.”

On the KV Broadside, which has been confirmed as receiving a nerf with S2R, he said it should have been nerfed the “same day” or the following day. Instead, it’s ruled supreme for nearly a month.

Timestamp: 22:05

He explained that the only reason he’s not playing PUBG instead is that he’ll be stream sniped, something that’s thankfully less common in Warzone 2.

“I’d be playing PUBG all the time,” he finished. “For as old as it is, it still gives me something you just don’t get from a game like this.”

Alongside the KV Broadside nerf, the Bomb Drone killstreak will be temporarily removed, and there’ll even be a widely-praised option to ‘invert’ the effects of flashbangs. Hopefully, after Season Two Reloaded has dropped, the Doc finds more enjoyment on the CoD battle royale.

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