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Fortnite Update 23.40 Unvaults a Bunch of Fan-Favorite Weapons

Fortnite Update 23.40 Unvaults a Bunch of Fan-Favorite Weapons
Image Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Update 23.40 Unvaults a Bunch of Fan-Favorite Weapons

The season of the pistol continues!

Chapter 4 Season 1 of Fortnite has arrived with only one month left before the finale, but that doesn’t mean things are slowing down. The 23.40 update has brought plenty of new cosmetics and unvaulted a handful of fan-favorite weapons for players to find around the map.

For those loving the brand-new Tactical Pistol but want something with more firepower, two of the unvaulted guns fit that bill perfectly.

The Dual Pistols (called the Double Pistols in the tweet) will arrive for a two-shot burst of extra fire rate while still outputting a solid 35 damage per hit on even the Common rarity. If that wasn’t enough, players will also be able to find the Hop Rock Dualies Exotic variant around the Island.

While the island still lacks a Sidearm equivalent, the Hand Cannon is returning to fill at least a little of that gap. While the Dual Pistols might be deadly, this gun packs an insane punch of 75 damage per hit when it is Rare and 78 when Legendary. This unvaulting has been a long time coming, as the Hand Cannon was last seen in Chapter 2 Season 8.

While the Machine SMG and the Twin Mag SMG have been cleaning up this season, you can never have enough high-fire-rate light ammo guns. The Compact SMG is rejoining the fight to give players another option for their arsenal and is a great choice as it boasts a 40-round magazine.

Last but not least is an important release for the new season, as it has been distinctly void of any long-range weaponry. The Heavy Sniper Rifle will likely change areas such as Shattered Slabs into sniper nests, so now there’s reason to be wary of wide-open spaces.

Along with the above, another dataminer has revealed that the Flare Gun has been added to the game’s files once more and will likely be unvaulted in some future update.

With how condensed certain named locations are in the new map, that flare gun will be especially deadly with player scans. For more Fortnite-related content, check out this glitch that turns vehicle passengers into axe murders.

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