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There’s A Fortnite Glitch that Turns Vehicle Passengers Into Axe Murderers

A Fortnite Glitch Allows Passengers To Chip Away at Your Health While Driving
Image Source: Epic Games

There’s A Fortnite Glitch that Turns Vehicle Passengers Into Axe Murderers

Just when you thought it was safe to drive…

If you’re a Fortnite player who tends to use vehicles as defense rather than building, you might want to rethink that in light of a glitch that is seeing more and more usage lately. Typically the only damage you can take while driving would be only to the vehicle unless you were shot through a window. However, a glitch lets enemies climb into your vehicle and kill you without firing a single shot.

Reddit user SlooshieYT has called attention to the fact that if players swing their pickaxe a second before they enter an enemy vehicle, they gain the ability to hit the driver with it. This entirely undermines the point of driving and renders slower vehicles practically useless.

Considering the average vehicle (except for the Trail Thrasher) lacks any sort of offensive means for the driver, and there’s no way to aim at or shoot a passenger, this unbalances everything related to vehicles and makes your only recourse jumping out only to then become more vulnerable.

The window for the swing and then getting into the vehicle also seems rather generous, which only heightens the danger that any driver might face against someone aware of this glitch. For now, it might be best to avoid most vehicles or give other players wide berth while driving if you don’t have any choice.

As for the developer’s awareness of this glitch, the Fortnite Trello doesn’t show that developers are working on a fix, but as SlooshieYT points out in their post, it is only getting worse.

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