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Top 10 Best Genius Invokation Action Cards in Genshin Impact

Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Top 10 Best Genius Invokation Action Cards in Genshin Impact

Here’s our picks of the best Action cards of Genius Invokation TCG.

Even though Character cards are the primary attackers of Genius Invokation TCG, the Action cards are just as important due to their supporting role in the game. With these abilities, players can increase their chances of winning by earning additional Elemental dice or eliminating Summons from the opposing side. So, if you want to improve your strategy in this challenge, we’ll show you the top 10 best Genius Invokation Action cards in Genshin Impact.


Liben Action Card in Genshin Impact
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The Liben Support card is one of the best Action types of Genius Invokation since this skill does not require any Elemental dice and has two valuable quirks. Whenever you have extra dice in your inventory, this ability will use them to gift you two cards and create two Omni Elements. Omni dice are incredibly beneficial to a player’s attack strategy because they work with any element, allowing them to strike before the round ends.


Katheryne Action Card in Genshin Impact
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The receptionist of the Adventurer’s Guild, Katheryne, is another excellent Action card in Genshin Impact’s card-battling game, where players can use her skills to change the rules of the Combat Action. Those unfamiliar with this concept should know that Combat Actions of Genius Invokation are moves that conclude the player’s turn, such as performing an attack or switching characters. However, Katheryne alters the “Switch Character” mechanic into a Fast Action, which does not end your turn (it won’t count as an Action.)

As you play this TCG, you’ll consistently change your Active characters, primarily because of low health bars or when there aren’t enough dice for a particular elemental user. Therefore, this Action card will give players more time to unleash a powerful strike.

The Bestest Travel Companion!

The Bestest Travel Companion! Action Card in Genshin Impact
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Once Travelers meet the requirements for the Player’s Manual, they will be rewarded with the Bestest Travel Companion! Event card. What makes this item so unique is its capability to convert two dice into Omni Elements. So, for example, players can use the Bestest Travel Companion! when they don’t have the necessary elements or when they want to upgrade their attack to an Elemental Skill/Elemental Burst.

Despite the cost of two Elemental items, this card of Genius Invokation is a free move since it converts the dice spent into the Omni type.


Strategize Action Card in Genshin Impact
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The Strategize ability of Genshin Impact may not seem like much on paper, but it can change the outcome of the game thanks to its skill of drawing two additional cards. The longer you play a match in Genius Invokation, the more likely you’ll end up with an empty hand. Fortunately, Strategize can help with these scenarios and give a player other options to utilize on their turn.

Send Off

Send Off Action Card in Genshin Impact
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

If the rival team has a Summon on the battlefield, you can use Send Off to dispose of these formidable enemies. Many Genius Invokation challenges feature these characters, who have the power to deal extra damage or replenish an adversary’s health. Nonetheless, this Action card can eliminate these Summons and prolong your survivability rate during a match.

When the Crane Returned

When the Crane Returned Action Card in Genshin Impacy
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

When a character’s health is low, players can select the When the Crane Returned Action card to unleash an attack and perform a ‘Switch Character’ move shortly after. As a result, you can conserve this teammate’s HP while simultaneously landing a strike before the transfer process. In addition, When the Crane Returned only costs one Elemental die and can be applied at any point in the game.

Jade Chamber

Jade Chamber Action Card in Genshin Impact
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The Jade Chamber is one of the best Action cards of Genshin Impact because it provides players with two Elemental dice for an Active character. Furthermore, since the Roll Phase is randomized, this ability can improve your odds when you don’t have the right set of moves for your team. In some cases, the Jade Chamber can give players all the necessary dice they need to use multiple Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts against the opponent.

Those who have two or more identical elemental users in their party should definitely equip the Jade Chamber in their deck to receive extra attack moves for other characters.

Leave It to Me!

Leave it To Me! Action Card in Genshin Impact
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Similar to Katheryne, Leave It to Me! allows you to change the “Switch Character” move into a Fast Action. But, instead of two Elemental dice, players don’t need to exchange currency to unlock this ability. That being said, Fast Actions are extremely valuable in the game, and you should use them to your advantage to extend your turn, especially when an item does not mandate a die.

Favonius Cathedral

Favonius Cathedral Action Card in Genshin
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The Favonius Cathedral plays a considerable role in the Support category due to its healing capabilities. With this Action card, you can restore 2 HP to your Active character for two rounds. Although it doesn’t sound like much, each character typically has 10 HP, and any healing items, no matter how small, can help in various situations.


Paimon Action Card in Genshin Impact
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The Paimon Action card may turn players away since it comes at the cost of three identical Elemental dice. In spite of this, there are several instances where you’ll be able to use this ability and gain two additional Omni Elements, earning a total of 10 dice after the Roll Phase. Keep in mind that the standard roll only grants Travelers eight dice moves; therefore, Paimon can boost their offensive strategies.

It’s also recommended to use this Action card when players have three of the same dice that don’t match any of their teammates. In return, these unwanted items will now be useful and give you more options during the battle.

That does it for our guide on the top 10 best Genius Invokation Action cards. For more Genshin Impact Version 3.3 content, you can explore the relevant links below, including our guides on how to unlock Faruzan, where to get Henna Berry, and an explanation of the Wanderer’s abilities in the game.

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