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Where to Get Henna Berry in Genshin Impact

Image Source: miHoYo

Where to Get Henna Berry in Genshin Impact

Here’s how to get and use Henna Berries in Genshin Impact.

Leveling your characters in Genshin Impact isn’t as straightforward as just using them in combat and gaining experience; you’ll also need to strengthen and ascend them using specific materials. If you’re wondering where to find Henna Berries in Genshin Impact, here’s what you need to know.

Genshin Impact Henna Berry Locations

The good news is that Henna Berries aren’t all that rare. They’re scattered all over the Great Red Sand in the Sumeru region, so if you’re already leveled enough to explore that area, it should be pretty easy to farm them up.

We’ve included a screenshot down below to show their exact locations, courtesy of the folks working on the Genshin Impact Interactive Map:

henna berry location in genshin impact
Image Source: Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Henna Berries are found all over the Great Red Sand, and you can find a good clump of them near Aaru Village and around Dar al-Shifa. Like all other collectible materials in the game, these will respawn after a couple of days once you’ve gathered them in one location, so make sure to check back regularly to keep a healthy stock of materials.

What Henna Berry Is Used For

Henna Berries are used for ascending a character in Genshin Impact. At present, only two characters require them: Candace and Faruzan.

With enough Henna Berries, select either Candace or Faruzan from the character screen and ascend them to raise their level cap. This will allow you to continue leveling them up, and get them even stronger.

That’s all you need to know about where to get Henna Berry in Genshin Impact and how to use it. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including how to unlock Genius Invokation, and how to get the Desert Pavilion Chronicle and Flower of Paradise Lost sets.

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