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How to Get More Genius Invokation Cards in Genshin Impact

Jean in Genshin Impact
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How to Get More Genius Invokation Cards in Genshin Impact

Increase your card collection for the new challenging Genius Invokation TCG mode.

Each Genshin Impact update has provided players with new missions, characters, and massive lands to explore. So now that Version 3.3 has officially arrived, the world of the game has expanded even more with an all-new card-battling game, Genius Invokation. In this challenge, you’ll need to strategize your movements and build a deck to eradicate the opposing side. But if you are wondering how to get more Genius Invokation cards in Genshin Impact, we’ll show you a few methods to unlock special items for the game.

How to Obtain More Genius Invokation TCG Cards in Genshin Impact

To get more Genius Invokation cards in Genshin Impact, players can do one of the following techniques:

  • Purchase items at the Card Shop.
  • Participate in Tavern Challenges.
  • Invite a character to a battle.
  • Initiate an Adventure Challenge.
  • Unlock rewards in the TCG Player’s Manual.

Some methods require you to level up your rank in the game by playing with characters in various areas, including the Cat’s Tail, Mondstadt, and Inazuma. To give you a better understanding of these procedures, we’ll break down each one:

The Card Shop

Support Cards at the Genius Invokation Card Shop
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Players can access the Card Shop of Genshin Impact by interacting with Prince at the Cat’s Tail. In this store, you’ll see a wide variety of items, such as Equipment Cards, Support Cards, Event Cards, Character Invitation Letters, Dynamic Skins, and many more. However, the Card Shop has a unique type of currency known as “Lucky Coins,” which can be earned through matches.

Tavern Challenges

Tavern Challenges in Genshin Impact
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Tavern Challenges can be unlocked when you reach a certain Player Level in the Genius Invokation TCG. Those who meet this requirement will trigger a scene with Prince and Shuyun at the Cat’s Tail, allowing Travelers to play boss battles. For example, players can participate in the Oceanid’s Concern challenge to acquire the Rhodeia of Loch Character card.

It may take some time to get more cards with this method since you’ll need to increase your Player Level to unlock other boss fights.

Invitation Challenges

For Character cards, you can invite characters to a battle by interacting with the board at the Cat’s Tail. Players can send these requests with Match Invitation Letters, an item that can be purchased at the Card Shop or obtained through Player Level rewards. Once Travelers acquire a letter, they can select any character with the blue banner:

Invitation Challenges in Genshin Impact
Screenshot via Twinfinite

It’s recommended to look at the Challenge Objectives since specific achievements can give you additional rewards. For instance, many characters will award players with a card by winning a match within six rounds.

Adventure Challenges

Adventure Challenges in Genshin Impact
Screenshot via Twinfinite

Several Adventure Challenges feature various Action cards that can help you win Genius Invokation matches. You can unlock these battles by using the Casket of Tomes to locate players on the map. In particular, the blacksmith at Mondstadt, Wagner, has a Support card with a forging ability.

In some cases, Adventure Challenges require a fixed deck, where Travelers may have to begin a round with a particular effect in place. Therefore, you must survive the match with these ramifications to get the desired card.

TCG Player’s Manual Rewards

TCG Player's Manual in Genshin Impact
Screenshot via Twinfinite

Travelers can access the TCG Player’s Manual at the Cat’s Tail to gain Genius Invokation items. To do this, you must complete challenge objectives, like buying a Match Invitation Letter at the store or obtaining 3,000 Lucky Coins to acquire a card. These tasks can also give you more Lucky Coins to purchase other products at the Card Shop.

Now that you know how to get more Genius Invokation cards in Genshin Impact, you can increase your collection and customize your deck with these new items. For more Version 3.3 content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guides about how to unlock Faruzan, where to find Henna Berry, and Wanderer’s voice actor.

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