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Undertale’s Toby Fox Composed Some of the Music in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Undertale’s Toby Fox Composed Some of the Music in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Toby Fox is confirmed to be working with Game Freak once again some songs in the upcoming games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

A new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the next games in the Pokemon series, was shown earlier today, and we learned after that fact that a familiar composer helped make some of the music possible. Toby Fox, the developer of hit indies Undertale and Deltarune, confirmed that he composed the field music for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as well as some other tracks in the game.

Fox revealed this information on Twitter a few hours after the trailer launched:

Fox has some experience with working alongside Game Freak on music for the Pokemon series; back in 2019, he was asked to compose a track for Pokemon Sword and Shield. His song became one of the Battle Tower themes in the game.

Before that, Fox worked with Game Freak to compose the soundtrack to their game Little Town Hero. He also had the opportunity to create a special arrangement of his song Megalovania for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when his character Sans from Undertale was added to the game as a Mii fighter.

Fox’s music is beloved by his fans, so it’s a treat to see him working with Game Freak on Pokemon music again. It seems like one of the songs he composed for it will be a main tune in the game, so we’ll probably be hearing it quite a bit.

Good news as well, you won’t have to wait much longer because Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch just a later this year of 2022 on November 18.

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