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What’s New in Apex Legends Season 9? Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends Legacy

What’s New in Apex Legends Season 9? Everything You Need to Know

Season 8 has come to a close, so it’s time to get filled in on all of the changes coming to Apex Legends Season 9, Legacy. Respawn is adding a ton of new content this time around, including map changes, a new Legend, and a brand-new 3v3 game mode. Here’s everything that you need to know.

New Legend: Valkyrie

Everything New in Apex Legends Season 9

apex legends season 9

Kairi Imahara is her name, and her callsign is Valkyrie. She’s the daughter of a very familiar character from Titanfall 2. Her father is Viper, an Apex Predator that players went toe-to-toe with high above the ground as he piloted a Northstar class Titan.

While Valkyrie was out for revenge for her father’s untimely demise, she follows in his footsteps, commanding the skies above other Apex Legends with her airborne abilities in Season 9.

Her Passive Ability, VTOL Jets, allows her to hover and attack from above the battlefield. This ability uses fuel, which replenishes itself over time. This goes great when coupled with her Missile Swarm Tactical Ability, which rains down mini-rockets from her souped-up jetpack to deal some serious damage. Lastly, her Skyward Dive Ultimate allows her and her teammates to redeploy after flying high up into the sky.

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