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Apex Legends Season 6: How to Get Sprays

Apex legends Sprays

Apex Legends Season 6: How to Get Sprays

Apex Legends Season 6 is now underway, and Respawn has added a ton of new features to the game. One of those new features is Holo-Sprays. If you’re looking to express yourself in a cool way mid-match, here’s how to get sprays in Apex Legends Season 6.

How to Get Sprays in Apex Legends

Crafting Metals

There are a variety of sprays for players to have some fun with in Season 6. Each Legend has up to two Holo-Sprays to use.

First of all, you’ll need to go to the Legends tab in the lobby to get to where the sprays are. Next, you’ll need to select a Legend, then click the Emote Wheel tab.

Apex Legends Sprays Wraith

In this season of Apex, each Legend’s Gold Holo-Spray costs 1200 Crafting Metals to unlock, while purple ones cost 400. Once you unlock one, you’ll need to add it to the character’s Emote Wheel. It’ll be mixed in with whatever quips that you’ve chosen.

Battle Pass

Apex Legends sprays can also be obtained by leveling up the Season 6 Battle Pass. The standard Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins, but big spenders can pay 2800 Coins to unlock it while also getting a 25-level head start.

Apex Legends Battle Pass owners will receieve rewards for each level, and some of these are new sprays that can’t be bought with Crafting Metals.

To use a Holo-Spray, all you need to do is select them from your Emote Wheel, and your character will throw it down in front of you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get sprays in Apex Legends Season 6. You should also make sure to check out the rundown of what the new Legend, Rampart, is capable of before you end up face-to-face with her in a match.

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