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Apex Legends Season 6: Rampart Abilities List


Apex Legends Season 6: Rampart Abilities List

With each season of Apex Legends, comes another new playable Legend. This time around, it’s Ramya “Rampart” Parekh. Here’s a detailed look at Rampart’s Abilities in Apex Legends Season 6, Boosted.

As a proficient modder, Rampart knows her way around tools, tech, and guns. She made a name for herself in underground gauntlet circuits with her custom gear. Her abilities showcase her talents as both a defender and an attacker.

Tactical Ability – Amped Cover

Apex Legends Rampart Abilities

In Apex Legends Season 6, one of the things that Rampart can create with her mechanical abilities is Amped Cover. This incredibly convenient shield wall is her Tactical Ability.

It blocks incoming fire from enemy teams while amping outgoing shots that your teammates take through the shield. With a maximum of five walls available to deploy at once, it’s perfect for fortifying positions.

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