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Monster Hunter Rise Devs Talk Global Matchmaking, Pause Button, Mantles, Text Chat & More

monster hunter rise

Monster Hunter Rise Devs Talk Global Matchmaking, Pause Button, Mantles, Text Chat & More

Capcom is set to release the next mainline Monster Hunter title exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in March of 2021, titled Monster Hunter Rise. Thanks to a new developer Q&A with Capcom courtesy of Gaijin Hunter on YouTube, we’ve learned a couple of new details that are sure to be exciting for the hardcore fans out there.

One of the first questions that Gaijin asked the Monster Hunter Rise devs is whether or not there would be global matchmaking, which would allow for Japanese players to team up with players in the west.

Capcom confirmed that the matchmaking will be done similarly to Monster Hunter: World and its expansion, Iceborne. So yes, players from all over the world will be able to squad up, no matter the location.

There have been past Monster Hunter titles such as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate that did not support global matchmaking, so it’s neat to see Capcom treating this entry with as much support as any other mainline title, even if it’s a Switch exclusive.

Another interesting tidbit of information that came out of the interview is the confirmation that there will be a pause button for offline quests. Monster Hunter: World and Iceborne did not allow any sort of pausing, whether you’re playing a quest single-player or online.

This is great to see as it can be frustrating when you need to stop playing for a minute, and the quest clock would continue to run, which can cause a quest failure or even death.

And for those that disliked the Mantle system from World/Iceborne, the devs confirmed that they will not be making a return in Monster Hunter Rise. There could be a chance that they can come back in a future entry, but for now, the team is leaving them out.

Some fans found the Mantles to be too over-powered and would also cover up your armor when worn, which was not fun for those who worked hard to get the perfect look for their hunter.

If you would like to check out the entire Q&A from Gaijin Hunter, you can watch the video down below.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch for the Nintendo Switch on Mar. 26, 2021. For more on the upcoming action-RPG, you can check out a list of every new confirmed monster so far, a video of the Palamute and Palico, and these adorable plush figures that will be released next year.

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