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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Upgrade Mantles

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, How to Upgrade Mantles

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Upgrade Mantles

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne brings plenty of new mechanics to the table, not least of which being specialized tool upgrades. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to upgrade mantles.

How to Upgrades Mantles in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

As you progress through the Iceborne expansion, you’ll come across select missions which offer you mantle upgrades as a reward for their completion.

Two of the earliest examples are the “Ice Catch” and “This is Big Horn Country!”optional quests, each of which improves one of your mantles with slots for applying decorations.

By applying decorations to these slots, you can enhance your mantles with special abilities, which grant boosts to your characters’ stats so long as the mantle is equipped.

Equipping these decoration upgrades is easy too. As soon as you complete the requisite quest, you’ll see the Mantle upgraded to its better form and can apply decorations to it via the item box.

The option will appear in the same menu which you’d select different equipment from, and you can modify which decoration is applied to which slot at any time.

How to Get More Mantle Upgrades and Decorations

That said though, you’ll only have so many mantles you can upgrade at first, and the number of decorations you can apply to them will be limited.

To get more mantle upgrades and decorations in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, you’ll need to complete as many of the expansion’s side missions as you can, advancing through the game’s main story all the while.

Though this can be time-consuming, it’s the best way to ensure you nab as many upgrades as possible while also keeping yourself flush in a wide array of options for applying bonuses to your character.

That should cover everything there is to know about how to upgrade mantles in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. For more tips, tricks and info on the game, check out our Monster Hunter World guide wiki.

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