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Apex Legends Patch Addresses Audio Issues and Crypto Turret Exploit

apex legends audio patch

Apex Legends Patch Addresses Audio Issues and Crypto Turret Exploit

Apex Legends Season 7 has been live for just over two weeks. This season has provided many new features, but it’s also brought a number of issues. Respawn just put out a patch to fix the most pressing of those Apex Legends issues, including audio problems and the Crypto/Rampart exploit.

This patch was just announced in a recent tweet:

The floating turret exploit allowed players to combine Rampart’s ultimate ability with Crypto’s tactical ability. Players were able to place Rampart’s turret on top of Crypto’s drone, allowing it to follow enemies around while firing.

Apex Legends players have been asking for a patch for the audio issues for a while now, and Respawn is delivering today.

There aren’t any patch notes available just yet, but presumably, the patch will address the difficulty in hearing enemy footsteps, along with other audio bugs.

Respawn is also adjusting the Season 7 Battle Pass after outlining their plan to do so about a week ago. Players have been progressing much slower than last season since the Season 7 pass adjustments.

This patch is reverting the pass back to the Season 6 layout, while also giving each player 10 Battle Pass levels, free of charge.

There are also a few other miscellaneous fixes, but the ones listed above are the most important, judging by player feedback over the past few weeks.

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