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New Pokemon Go Team Rocket Characters Officially Revealed

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New Pokemon Go Team Rocket Characters Officially Revealed

After having teased something Team Rocket was on the way, Pokemon Go has officially revealed that three new villainous members are soon to be introduced to the game.

Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra are Team Rocket higher-ups. They’re the organizers of the gang’s nefarious activities, which have seen them invade Pokestops and bully unsuspecting Trainers since their introduction to the game earlier this year.

Although it’s not quite clear exactly what the characters are likely to get up to, all signs are pointing to a confrontation. We’re still waiting for Team Rocket leader Giovanni to make his debut, though.

You can check out the series of Tweets from Pokemon Go’s account below:

Pokemon Go has been upping the ante with new content recently, having unveiled the Unova region earlier this year. In combination with Team Rocket’s addition to the game, it’s been an excellent summer for Pokemon GO and DeNA as the game’s revenue soared in August.

Elsewhere in Pokemon news, a flurry of new information about Sword and Shield has recently surfaced via Gameinformer.

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