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Pokemon GO Now Allows Your Avatar to Dress Up Like Team Rocket

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Pokemon GO Now Allows Your Avatar to Dress Up Like Team Rocket

Prepare for trouble! And make it double! Pokemon GO players can now dress their characters in Team Rocket’s iconic threads.

Several hours ago, without any announcement, Team Rocket uniforms appeared in Pokemon GO’s style shop. While these uniforms are the black and grey suits of the Team Rocket Grunt instead of Jessie and James’ recognizable white and black outfits, most gamers probably won’t complain about being able to cosplay as members of the de facto villainous video game organization.

Pokemon GO’s Team Rocket uniform comes in two flavors: the original Team Rocket from Pokemon Red and Blue, and the new Team Rainbow Rocket from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Gamers who desire a big rainbow-colored R on their chests and boots with an aqua trim will gravitate towards the Rainbow Rocket threads, while trainers who want to rock the classic red R and red-trimmed boots will prefer the original Team Rocket clothes.

Unlike Pokemon GO’s previous three outfits, gamers don’t have to earn medals to unlock the Team Rocket uniform, but that doesn’t mean it will be cheap. Trainers will need to spend 950 Pokecoins to unlock the full Team Rocket set, and more if they want the color variants. Also, while the uniform can be mixed and matched with other articles of clothing, the boots and gloves will clip through certain shirts and pants.

Back in November, Niantic released outfits based on the player character’s starting clothes from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Then, earlier this month, trainers received clothes worn by the Battle Girl, Jogger, and Fisherman trainer classes. And today, players can start dressing up as Team Rocket and Team Rainbow Rocket Grunts. Niantic is clearly intent on reproducing iconic outfits from the main Pokemon games for Pokemon GO, which raises the question: what clothes does Niantic have up its sleeve for the future? Team Skull? Poke Maniac? Officer Jenny? We will have to wait and see.

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