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Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophies of 2019 so Far


Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophies of 2019 so Far

Life Is Strange 2

Yes, yes, we’re well aware that Life Is Strange 2‘s platinum trophy isn’t technically available until later this year, but if you’ve been playing the episodes as they release, you could be over halfway towards an incredibly easy PS4 platinum trophy.

With episode four due to release late this month, and episode five rounding out the Season in December, there’s not a lot left of the Diaz brothers’ story to follow.

That’s a shame, considering thus far the narrative has been just as compelling and strong as its predecessor’s, and the brothers have turned out to be just as interesting as Max, Chloe and co. from the first title.

What makes Life Is Strange 2 even better is how easy its trophies are. You’ll need to find about five or six collectibles in each episode, and complete a sketch. Once you’ve done this in every episode, you’ll have got the platinum trophy.

Even better, the game has a ‘Collectible’ mode, allowing you to dive back into particular chapters of an episode to grab collectibles without affecting your prior choices. Life Is Strange 2’s platinum is just a few months away, but it’s still going to be one of the easiest ones you can get in 2019, without a doubt.

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