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Man of Medan Picture Locations: Where to Find All Black & White Pictures

man of medan pictures locations guide

Man of Medan Picture Locations: Where to Find All Black & White Pictures

If you played Supermassive Games‘ other narrative-driven title, Until Dawn, you’ll be familiar with the game’s Totems. Well, in Man of Medan, these are replaced by black and white pictures. This Man of Medan Picture locations guide will talk you through where to find all black and white pictures.

All Picture Locations in Man of Medan

There are 13 different pictures to find in Man of Medan. Some of these are black pictures which foretell deaths or danger for your group, and some are white pictures which give you a glimpse at a promising end for them.

We’ve included all Man of Medan picture locations we’ve found down below, including a screenshot and a description of where you’ll find them. There is one picture we’re still yet to find, but we’ll be sure to update this post as and when we find it.

Where to find all black and white pictures in Man of Medan

  1. High and Dry – Found during ‘Wreck’

    Head down to check on Brad when you’re playing as Alex. It’s to your left as you come down the stairs on the wall.

    Man of Medan High and Dry picture location

  2. Cut and Run – Found during ‘Uninvited Guests’

    When controlling Fliss. Open the locked door opposite the room Brad is lying down in.

  3. Devil and the Deep – Found during ‘Dive’

    As soon as you take control of Alex diving in the wreck, look in the left corner before you follow Julia through a small opening. It’s lying on the floor.

  4. In the Offing – Found during ‘An Escape’

    When you’re exploring the upper deck with Julia as Alex, and meet up with Fliss, you will come across a room with dozens of bunks. Search the back right of the room to find this picture.

  5. Cut of Your Jib – Found during ‘Caskets’

    When controlling Alex, as soon as you leave the kitchen, you will enter a large room with tables stacked upon each other. This picture will be easily seen on the left side of the room.

  6. Close Quarters – Found during ‘Danny’

    When controlling Fliss, when you’re being escorted by Danny, you will pass by this one in plain sight but Danny will push you if you try to examine it. Go back to the painting once you part ways with him a few scenes later.

  7. Copper Bottom – Found during ‘Finding Friends’

    When controlling Brad, after you use the box to jump through the small hole, go through the first door on the right to enter a mailroom, this Man of Medan picture will be on the right side of the room.

  8. Keelhaul – Found during ‘Ritual’

    When controlling Fliss, once you enter the large ballroom with the piano, go to the open door that is on the right side of the curtains on the stage. You will see the painting in that room.

  9. Plain Sailing – Found during ‘Glamor Girl’

    If you’ve still got Conrad alive, he’ll see a sailor girl-looking ghost before running up some stairs. When you regain control take the first door on your left and you’ll see a map of a water purification plant. Head through into the next room through the door to the right and this picture is on the back wall right by the door.

    Man of Medan pictures locations

  10. Loose Cannon – Found during ‘Distress Signal’

    Once you’ve climbed the stairs and you’re in the control room of sorts during this chapter, you’ll want to look out for the picture in the back left corner of the room by the doorway. It’s the doorway you’ll go through to find the radio.

    Man of Medan pictures locations

  11. Ship Shape – Found during ‘Glamor Girl’ (Curator’s Cut)

    When you’re in control of Fliss and are looking around for Conrad, there will be a locked door on the left hand side of the hallway. Get Brad to help you open it, and the painting is at the end of the room.

  12. A Little Hope – Found during ‘Olson’

    When the group splits up to find the generator, send Alex to go with Julia, and Brad will stay with Fliss. Brad soon gets bored and looks for the others by himself. If you continue following the path, you’ll find a room with tons of beds and lockers. This picture is hanging on the wall here.

What Do Pictures Do in Man of Medan?

The black and white-framed pictures don’t actually do anything in Man of Medan, other than simply give you a glimpse into something that could happen depending on the actions you take and decisions you make.

For example, a white picture might show a character escaping certain death, while a black picture might show that very same character getting absolutely rekt by something that lurks on the ship.

Are There Trophies & Achievements for Man of Medan’s Pictures?

Of course there is! In fact, there are three different achievements and trophies up for grabs if you’re able to find all pictures in Man of Medan.

We’ve listed all of these, including what type of trophy or how much Gamerscore each offers down below.

Trophy/ Achievement NameDescriptionTrophy Type/ Gamerscore Value
Quite a Lot of Deaths That NightFound all of the black framed PicturesSilver /
Possible FuturesFound all of the white framed PicturesSilver /
Ghost ships are just a myth, right?Found all PicturesGold /

There you have everything you need to know about all Man of Medan Pictures locations. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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