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Man of Medan Endings Guide: How to Get All Endings

man of medan, how to get all endings

Man of Medan Endings Guide: How to Get All Endings

If you’re playing through Man of Medan, you might want to see all of the endings that the game has to offer. This will require you to trigger certain actions before you reach the end of the story. Here’s how to get all endings in Man of Medan.

Since we will be discussing all of the endings in Man of Medan, this should go without warning but there will be tons of spoilers from here on out. This is your last chance to turn around if don’t want to get spoiled.

How to Get All Endings in Man of Medan

Military “Rescue” Ending

Towards the end of the game, the group will attempt to put out an SOS signal using the radio on the deck of the ship. When you first make contact with someone, they will ask you what’s going on. You can either give them the exact coordinates or you can freak out and just yell at them.

If you give them the coordinates, the military will arrive via helicopter at the end of the game, but they will not be saving the group.

If you ended up breaking the distributor cap by messing up the QTE’s with the rats covering Olsen’s dead body, you won’t have access to the boat, leaving the group with one way out, the military.

Note that if you do mess up the first conversation over the radio and somehow manage to not give up your coordinates, turning on the generator soon after will fix that up.

There’s also a second route that involves the distributor cap.

When the group gets to the radio and then decides to split up to look for the generator, you wanna make sure that Brad and Fliss stay together and that Julia goes with Alex.

Soon, Brad will go alone to check out the situation and ends up running into Olson, who has the cap in hand. After some struggling, Alex shows up to help and urges Brad to run away so that he can shut a gate and leave Olson alone.

If you choose to stay for a few more seconds, Olson will end up on top of Brad right underneath the gate. Just fail to get away and Alex will drop the gate on top of Brad, killing him and breaking the cap in the process.

But anyway, once the helicopter arrives, the group will be very ecstatic and happy to see someone coming for help, but this is actually the worst ending possible.

To cover up the secret of the Ourang Medan, the military men will shoot and kill all members of the group on-site, leaving the secrets of the Manchurian Gold under wraps.

So, in summary:

  • Share coordinates
  • Turn generator back on
  • Don’t get the cap
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