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How Long Man of Medan Takes to Beat & How Many Scenes There Are

how long man of medan takes to beat

How Long Man of Medan Takes to Beat & How Many Scenes There Are

Man of Medan is the latest interactive spooky story of sorts from the folks over at Supermassive Games. Five young adults end up finding out the mysteries of an old ship from decades ago, and things aren’t all sunshine and lollipops. Here’s how long Man of Medan takes to beat, and how many scenes Man of Medan has.

How Long Man of Medan Takes to Beat

This question is a bit of a difficult one, namely because there are so many different ways to play Man of Medan, and so many different outcomes you can get dependent on the decisions you make along the way.

Your first playthrough of Man of Medan will take you roughly six hours, whether you’re playing on your own, or in the Movie Night or co-op modes.

However, after beating the game once, you’ll then unlock the Curator’s Cut mode which enables you to choose a different character and viewpoint of the main story.

It’s an essential mode to check out if you’re wanting to get the platinum trophy or full 1000 Gamerscore for your Xbox One players.

On top of that, there’s at least four endings you’ll want to check out in the game, and with each playthrough taking about six hours each, to do and see absolutely everything in the game, you’re looking at about 24 – 30 hours.

How Many Scenes There Are

Man of Medan has 27 different scenes taking you from the very beginning of the group’s adventure in the Chinese Market, right through to their end (however that may come).

Down below, you’ll find the full list of Man of Medan’s scenes, but note that some of these may be considered spoilery by some players, so if you want to go in completely blind, you may want to turn back now.

Depending on the choices you make along the way, too, you’ll see some of these scenes and not others. For example, Olson, Pressure, and Glamor Girl can all be missed.

  1. Chinese Market
  2. The Duke
  3. Wreck
  4. Dive
  5. Uninvited Guests
  6. Ghost Story
  7. Intrusion
  8. Storm
  9. Abandoned Ship
  10. Trapped
  11. An Escape
  12. Caskets
  13. Danny
  14. Finding Friends
  15. Ritual
  16. Pressure
  17. Plunged
  18. Glamor Girl
  19. Revenge
  20. Open Deck
  21. Distress Signal
  22. Depths
  23. Junior
  24. Olson
  25. Flooded
  26. Matters of the Heart
  27. The End

That’s everything you need to know on how long Man of Medan takes to beat and how many scenes it has. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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