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Man of Medan: How to Get the Best Ending & Everyone Survives

man of medan best ending

Man of Medan: How to Get the Best Ending & Everyone Survives

Man of Medan actually has a bunch of different endings, and the one you get will depend on the decisions you make along the way. Some characters can die, but if you’re looking to get the best ending, everyone survives. Here’s how to get the best ending in Man of Medan.

Before diving in any further, this Man of Medan best ending guide has a bunch of spoilers pertaining to the game’s narrative. If you want to experience the game spoiler-free, we suggest turning back now.

How to Save Everyone in Man of Medan

At certain points throughout Man of Medan, the characters will come to QTEs or will have to make certain decisions that could spell life or death. Down below, we’ve listed what you’ll need to do (or avoid) for each character so you can save everyone in Man of Medan.

Please note this Man of Medan best ending guide is only applicable for the Theatrical Cut of the game. The Curator’s Cut differs slightly. We’re also continuing to update this guide as we uncover more instances where the group can die in Man of Medan, so be sure to check back soon.

Saving Julia

  • When Julia and Alex go diving at the beginning of the game, make sure that you decompress your air tank before returning to the boat. If you don’t, do not have a beer that evening, as this could kill Julia thanks to the bends.
  • During the scene ‘Revenge,’ Julia and Alex will find themselves running from Alex’s doppelganger. When they bump into Conrad after escaping the inside of the ship, make sure you get the QTE right. If you don’t, the doppelganger will catch Julia, lock the door, and snap her neck.
  • When Julia and Brad go to check out the generator and get caught by Junior, DON’T tell him that the mist isn’t real. If you do, he’ll shoot Julia before shooting himself in the head. You need to talk him down and console him. Doing so will enable you to keep both characters alive.

How to Save Brad

  • Once the group has found the radio and the generator has cut off, you’ll have the decision to send either Brad or Alex down with Julia. Send Alex, and Brad will begin exploring the rest of the ship around the radio, leaving Fliss to stand watch. Soon enough, he finds himself in an area with Olson and Alex will show up to save him. He has to shut this door to prevent Olson from escaping, so nail all of the QTEs during this section, or Brad will get crushed by the door.

Saving Alex

  • Once Alex has got the distributor cap off Olson’s body towards the end of the game, he’ll begin hallucinating that a ton of rats are chasing him. He’ll then see a two-headed monster, too. Don’t choose to stab yourself OR the monster when you’re given the option to. This will save Alex, as well as another character.

How to Save Fliss

  • When controlling Alex after getting the distributor cap off Olson, he’ll come across a two-headed monster. Do not attack the monster. Instead, do nothing, and this will save both Alex and Fliss. It turns out the monster is just a hallucination, and Fliss is standing right in front of Alex trying to calm him down.

Saving Conrad

  • When Conrad tries to escape from the Duke after the fishermen take the group hostage, you’ll need to get the first QTE during his escape route correct. If you get this wrong, when Olson pulls the gun on Conrad, get the QTE correct. If you don’t, he’ll be shot.
  • During the scene ‘Glamor Girl,’ a, well… glamor girl will begin chasing Conrad, before turning into a ghoulish freaky old lady character. Shortly after she’s transformed, Conrad slams a door shut and then must make it over a couple of gaps. You must pass the QTE on the second jump, otherwise Conrad will fall, hit his head, and die.
  • At the end of this chase, the monster will have Conrad cornered at the end of a plank hanging over the edge of the ship. You’ll have the choice of jumping or facing up to the monster. Choose to face up to the monster, as it’s actually Fliss. Choosing to jump kills Conrad.

The Generator, Radio & Distributor Cap – Man of Medan’s Best Ending

While all of the character-specific decisions we’ve noted above can have an impact on whether or not they survive, there is one major decision towards the end of the game that you need to keep in mind.

The group will find the ship’s radio in working condition and will contact someone to rescue them. Depending on the information you share, as well as what you do in the events that follow, this final segment of the game can spell life or death for all characters.

Saving the Group in Man of Medan

  1. Do not give your coordinates over the radio.

    If you do, the military will show up before the group can escape and kill them all to cover up the ship’s secrets.

  2. Do not restart the generator.

    If you do give your coordinates, fortunately, the generator will die just as you’re told to repeat the message. Fail to restart the generator, otherwise the military will get your message, show up, and kill everyone.

  3. Get the Distributor Cap.

    If you do restart the generator after giving your coordinates, you must get the distributor cap and pass the QTEs as Alex with the rats. As long as you do this, the group can still escape from the Ourang Medan on the Duke before the military arrive.

  4. Don’t Break the Distributor Cap as Brad

    If you chose to send Alex with Julia to restart the generator, Brad will go exploring on his own and bump into Olson. Alex will come to save him, and you’ll need to pass all of the QTEs here to avoid Brad being killed, as well as preventing the distributor cap from being broken by the door.

What Happens in Man of Medan’s Best Ending

With the distributor cap safely in Alex’s hands, the group can make their way off the Ourang Medan and back onto the Duke. Fliss will reattach the distributor cap back on the boat and the group fires up the engine.

Those who are left talk about the events they’ve just been through. Whether or not you’ve managed to save the entire group or not, this is the best ending in Man of Medan, as the group manages to safely escape, as opposed to being killed or stranded forever.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the best ending in Man of Medan and how to save everyone. With a bit of luck, this should also pop the That’s Something, I Suppose trophy and achievement.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Man of Medan guide wiki.

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