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Concrete Genie: How to Get All Trophies

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Concrete Genie: How to Get All Trophies

Concrete Genie is home to a magical world, filled with creatures and colors for players to unlock as they go. Alongside that, there are also plenty of trophies to be unlocked as well. Here is everything you need to know about how to get all trophies in Concrete Genie.

How to Get All Trophies in Concrete Genie

In total, the main portion of Concrete Genie has 53 trophies that can be unlocked throughout. Amidst those trophies, there are 42 bronze, eight silver, two gold, and one platinum.

Below we’ve broken down each trophy, as well as the description and tier that goes along with each of them.

Trophy Name Description Tier
A Secret Moment Complete your first Genie Moments sketch.Bronze
All Ears Attach Ears to a Genie.Bronze
Anyone There? Watch your Genie talk into a Storm Lily.Bronze
BestiesWave to your Genie more than 3 times.Bronze
Carried AwayWatch your Genie fly up with a BalloonBronze
ChillaxingWatch your Genie sit on top of an Iceberg.Bronze
Choices, ChoicesCollect 5 flying Genie Body or Feature pages.Bronze
Colorful CompanionBring your first biped Genie to life.Bronze
Dog? Cat? Draaaaagon?Bring your first quadruped Genie to life.Bronze
Don’t Eat Me!Watch your Genie get scared by a Venus Fly Trap.Bronze
Every Possible LookCollect all the Genie Body and Feature pages in a level.Bronze
Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion!Attach more than 5 different Features to a Genie.Bronze
Faded MemoriesFind and finish your first Billboard.Bronze
Feel the ThunderScare or delight your Genie with a Lightning strike.Bronze
Festival Time!Paint a total of 30 Mushroom Vines.Bronze
Free StylePaint in all the Free Paint levels.Bronze
Frozen TreatWatch your Genie try to eat snowflakes.Bronze
High Five!High-five your Genie after scoring a basket.Bronze
I’m Back!Continue painting after the game is finished.Bronze
In the ZonePaint for 3 minutes without leaving paint mode.Bronze
Is It Raining?Watch your Genie hide under an Umbrella Plant.Bronze
Karaoke Night!Hear your Genie sing.Bronze
Living PhotoUse the replay feature in the Photo Mode.Bronze
LunaticPaint more than 10 Moons in a row.Bronze
My Happy PlaceSit by the Campfire with your GenieBronze
Om Nom Nom NomWatch a Genie throw an Apple to another Genie.Bronze
Peekaboo!Play Peekaboo with your Genie and get Peekabooed.Bronze
PyromaniacPaint more than 10 Campfires in a row.Bronze
Snow SeasonPaint a total of 20 Blackbirches.Bronze
Something New!Collect your first flying Landscape page.Bronze
StarchildPaint a total of 20 streams of Stars.Bronze
Stories of DenskaRead all the newspapers.Bronze
Stunning LandscapeCollect all the Landscape pages in a level.Bronze
Sugar Rush!Watch your Genie run around after eating a Storm Vine Fruit or a Mushroom Vine Fruit.Bronze
Weeeeeeeeeeee!Watch your Genie run away with a Kite or a Pinwheel.Bronze
What Does It Mean?Paint a Double Rainbow.Bronze
Art Gallery Collect all the Landscape pages.Silver
Capture the Moments.Complete all the Genie Moments sketchesSilver
Luna’s SecretFind Luna’s secret under the Lighthouse.Silver
Memories RestoredFind and finish all the Billboards.Silver
Perfectly Restored Collect all the pages in the Sketchbook.Gold
The Artist of DenskaKnown as “the street artist who brought Denska back to life”.Platinum

Secret Trophies

Included in the previously mentioned 53 trophies are 11 secret ones, including six bronze, four silver, and one gold trophy.

These include a few story spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Trophy NameDescriptionTier
“I made a promise…” Save Beatrice and the Dark Wind Genies in the Waterways.Bronze
“The name’s Ash”Save Zack and the Dark Fire Genie at the Fishing Port.Bronze
Doing the Right ThingSave Chuck, Janie and the Dark Electric Genies at the Hydroelectric Plant.Bronze
Forced to FightDefeat all the Minions in the Lighthouse.Bronze
Let the Light ShineTurn on the Lighthouse beacon.Bronze
Luna’s ApprenticeFinish your first painting in the Lighthouse.Bronze
Just Like Old TimesFinish the Masterpiece at the Fishing Port.Silver
Power’s Back!Finish the Masterpiece at the Hydroelectric Plant.Silver
The Curse is LiftedSave the Dark Alpha Genie in the Cave.Silver
Water’s Clear!Finish the Masterpiece in the Waterways. Silver
Fresh StartBreak the cycle of bullying and make new friends.Gold


For PSVR owners, you’ll also have the opportunity to grab three DLC exclusive bronze trophies as well, listed below.

Trophy NameDescriptionTier
Helloooo!Wave at Splotch.Bronze
Musical GeniusPaint Wind on 6 or more Pipe Organ Plants in one stroke.Bronze
Crystal ArtistPaint Crystals in The Crystal Meadow.Bronze

Now that you know how to get all the trophies in Concrete Genie, the next step is unlocking them.

If you need some helpful tips and tricks to assist you in your journey, check out some of our other guides for Concrete Genie down below:

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