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Omega Labyrinth Life Gameplay Trailer Shows High School Life

Omega Labyrinth Life

Omega Labyrinth Life Gameplay Trailer Shows High School Life

Today D3 Publisher released a brand new trailer of Omega Labyrinth Life for Nintendo Switch and of its heavily censored PS4 version titled Labyrinth Life.

The video showcases a large batch of gameplay, mostly focusing on the high school life features included in the game.

This is basically what players will enjoy in-between delving into the title’s challenging dungeons, including plenty of gardening, socializing, and more.

Incidentally, despite the nature of the game, the trailer is rather tame until the very end, when the protagonists engage into a rather special version of rock-paper-scissors. This won’t appear on the PS4 version.

Incidentally, a few days ago we learned that Omega Labyrinth Life and Labyrinth Life will release worldwide on August 1 (and yes, that includes North America and Europe) respectively for Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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You can also listen to the latest character songs, more songs dedicated to more of the heroines, a third batch, and enjoy the previous trailer.

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