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Omega Labyrinth Life Also Coming for PS4 on Top of Nintendo Switch; PS4 Version Will Be Censored

Omega Labyrinth Life

Omega Labyrinth Life Also Coming for PS4 on Top of Nintendo Switch; PS4 Version Will Be Censored

Today D3 publisher announced the Japanese release date of Omega Labyrinth Life, on top of an additional (and perhaps unexpected) platform.

The game will be released in Japan on August 1, 2019, not only for Nintendo Switch as originally announced but also for PS4.

The PS4 version will be simply called “Labyrinth Life” and is defined as “a home console version that you can play in public.” I’m sure you can see where this is going.

The Nintendo Switch version will cost 7,800 yen, while the PS4 version will cost only 5,800.

Both will target 60 FPS, but on Switch, the game will run in 1080p only in TV mode, and in 720p in portable mode. PS4 will run the title in 1080p.

The ecstasy system will have only “normal” images on PS4, while the Switch version will have the normal images and the full ecstasy version, on top of the touch feature.

On Nintendo Switch, the game’s feature that lets you identify items by placing them in the valley of a character’s bosom will be fully displayed, while the animation and touching will be skipped on PS4.

The “Big Boobs Rock Paper Scissors” system will be as intended on Switch, while a PS4 version will have its own (likely toned down) dedicated version.

The “Hot Springs Event” will have more steam on PS4, and the Switch version will have a touch feature that will not be supported on PS4.

The “Kyouka Flora” events include the illustrations on both platform, but again the PS4 version not include the touch feature.

The “PTA” (Pie Touch Action) feature will be supported on Switch and won’t be included on PS4.

The Gallery menu will show only the illustrations included in Labyrinth Life on PS4, and won’t show those exclusive to the Switch version.

The opening and ending videos will be partially different depending on the imagery showcased in each version. The initial splash screen will also be altered.

Characters, character skills, monsters, items, story, and dungeons will be the same for both versions. The “size” feature (if you’re familiar with the series you know what I man) will also be present on both platforms.

The announcement was teased yesterday with a parody site imitating the popular Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory anime series.

If you’re not familiar with Omega Labyrinth Life, it’s a rogue-like JRPG announced for Nintendo Switch back in 2018. After Tokyo Game Show, D3 Publisher became rather quiet about it until now.

Due to the series’s alluring nature, Sony Interactive Entertainment forced British publisher Pqube to cancel the western release of the game’s predecessor for PS4, Omega Labyrinth Z.

In an interview last year, D3 publisher’s Nobuyuki Okajima told me that after the cancellation of Z, developers “have a pretty clear idea of what is allowed and what is not.” This might be the result of that awareness.

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