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Dungeon Crawler Omega Labyrinth Z Comes West Next Year


Dungeon Crawler Omega Labyrinth Z Comes West Next Year

You must, you must, you must increase your bust.

Looking for a silly new dungeon crawler to spend some time with? Omega Labyrinth Z is coming west in 2018, and it’s all about a protagonist who just wants to grow, erm, bigger assets. Yeah, that’s it.

Aina Akemiya is on the search for the Grail of Beauty, which can grant any wish, and it’s hidden in a small cave that only opens up once a year when the Academy opens up. Akemiya doesn’t want to feel bad about her body anymore, so she wants the Grail of Beauty to help increase her bust size. Only then will she be happy. Or something.

Omega Labyrinth Z seems just as ridiculous as you might imagine, but it sounds like a lot of fun too, with randomly-generated dungeons, turn-based combat, and “skills” that encourage you to grow to as large as a Z-cup, which sounds incredibly uncomfortable. Probably not something you want to aspire to in real-life, but these girls know what they want, after all.


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