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2019’s Top 11 Game of the Year Contenders So Far


2019’s Top 11 Game of the Year Contenders So Far

2019 is more than halfway complete, but it’s already provided us with games worthy of the Game of the Year moniker. Let’s take another look at these 2019 game of the year contenders released so far before the holiday season goes into overdrive and throws this list for a loop.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

2019 Game of the Year Contenders

Intelligent Systems has managed to develop one of the most accessible Fire Emblem games ever with Three Houses. Mixing together social elements and deep turn-based strategy-RPG mechanics, Three Houses is simply the creme de la creme of the franchise.

Making the player choose between one of the three houses in the game is one of the hardest decisions in gaming this year and it’s not just for show.

Each of the three houses has a totally different narrative to see through, with a roster of interesting and relatable characters that shine ever so brightly throughout the 50-60 hour campaign.

And that’s just the average game time for one of the houses by itself. If you want to see every path that the game has to offer, expect to spend at least 200 hours of game time.

Our reviews editor, Zhiqing, thoroughly enjoyed this entry in the series, and you can read more about it right here in her review.

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