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2019’s Top 10 Game of the Year Contenders So Far


2019’s Top 10 Game of the Year Contenders So Far

2019 is more than half way complete, but it’s already provided us with games worthy of the Game of the Year moniker. Let’s take another look at these 2019 game of the year contenders released so far before the holiday season goes into overdrive and throws this list for a loop.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

2019 Game of the Year Contenders

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The developers at FromSoftware are known for creating some of the most brutally difficult, yet rewarding, action-RPGs of all time. Yes, we are talking the Dark Souls series and the PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne.

In order to progress at all through these games, you will have to perfect avoiding enemy attacks by keeping your finger on that dodge button at all times. But, what Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice does differently is punish the player for dodging instead of promoting the use of it.

Instead of the game putting you in the shoes of a really heavy character like in Dark Souls, Sekiro changes up the formula, and is unlike other SoulsBorne games by turning you into an agile ninja. He has a grappling hook that provides a ton of verticality, and the combat focuses on parrying and posture instead of rolling around like a baby.

It calls back to FromSoftware’s Tenchu series, which also has you playing as a ninja, but that series focused on stealth more than action. FromSoftware has blended the high level of difficulty of Dark Souls with an older series in the developer’s library and it makes for a pretty great recipe.

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