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SuperData: Apex Legends Had Best Launch Month of Any Free-To-Play Game in History


SuperData: Apex Legends Had Best Launch Month of Any Free-To-Play Game in History

Market intelligence firm SuperData reports that Apex Legends had the “best launch month of any free-to-play game in history” after earning a whopping $92 million in February. It placed as the sixth and fourth highest-grossing game on PC and console respectively for the month.

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter shook up the multiplayer scene when it launched last month. Players couldn’t get enough of its highly polished gameplay and refreshing take on battle royale, which took inspiration from several other games.

The addition of unique characters with special abilities, fast-paced traversal, and a few inventive gameplay mechanics has proven a real winner. Apex Legends reached one million unique players less than eight hours after launch and achieved the milestone of 10 million players and one million concurrent players within 72 hours.

It even briefly supplanted Fortnite as the most watched game on Twitch during that first week, too.

But the big question was whether all of these numbers were actually translating to earning potential for Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA. According to SuperData’s findings, that answer is a resounding yes. And all of this before Apex Legends’ first Battle Pass season launched, which only went live two days ago.

It will be interesting to see how the revenue stream continues to grow now that the Battle Pass has been launched. Particularly so, given that reception to its content hasn’t been all that positive.

You can check out the highest grossing titles for February below, listed by each platform:

Apex Legends
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