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10 Most Visually Impressive Games of E3 2019


10 Most Visually Impressive Games of E3 2019

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Every Japanese Game Showed Off at E3

Unlike most of the games shown at this year’s E3, Ghostwire: Tokyo largely depicts the everyday. Before the supernatural events really kick off, the trailer showcases the beauty of mundane Tokyo life.

An overhead shot of rain pouring off a cluster of umbrellas in a narrow street. Steaming ramen noodles submerged in cloudy broth. These normal aspects of life are given such attention to detail that you’re already completely absorbed by the time everyone suddenly vanishes.

The gorgeous visuals don’t let up once the game’s supernatural elements are introduced either. The blend of technology with traditional Japanese folklore looks to be equal parts frightening and beautiful, if the trailer’s spooky cinematics are anything to go by.

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