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Who Won E3 2019? Every Conference Ranked


Who Won E3 2019? Every Conference Ranked

5. Ubisoft

ubisoft, e3 2019

With Sony dropping out this year, and EA more or less just doing a chill live stream of games we already knew about, our annual E3 ranking is a bit smaller this year for E3 2019. Maybe the pressure to step things up while in the spotlight helped encourage publishers like Ubisoft step up their game.

No one, not even Ubisoft who is ranked at the lowest position on this ranking for who won E3 2019, bombed. Ubisoft was just a bit less surprising, shocking, and exciting than the others that are ranked higher.

Watch Dogs: Legion looked extremely impressive in its official debut. The biggest shock is the ability to recruit and take control of just about anyone you meet in a chaotic post-Brexit version of London. This feature will shake up the way you approach the game’s missions.

There was also Roller Champions, a surprising roller-derby game that feels very different and refreshing compared to the usual slate of games that we see from Ubisoft. These games, alongside Gods and Monsters, are welcome additions to the lineup for E3 2019.

Aside from those two titles though, the rest was either safe and straight from the Ubisoft playbook or something off-beat that isn’t really meant for the “hardcore” gaming audience that tunes into E3.

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