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Watch Dogs Legion Officially Revealed With Plenty of Gameplay and Trailer

Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Officially Revealed With Plenty of Gameplay and Trailer

Today, during Ubisoft’s E3 2019 Press Conference hosted in Los Angeles, Ubisoft finally revealed officially Watch Dogs Legion.

The game was officially confirmed a few days ago, but now we get to know and see more about the game. The game is set in London after Brexit and the departure from the European Union has changed the city rather radically.

Players will be able to recruit and take control of basically everyone they meet on the street. The gameplay demo showcases how the player takes control of a man, followed by a senior lady, and then a woman.

The “Legion” name is certainly pretty appropriate. Incidentally, DedSec also makes a comeback, and the characters we play are its new recruits. As we see, they appear to be fairly expendable.

Anyone on the screen is fully simulated, and the players can play their origin mission in order to bring them to their side. Things will change radically depending on who you recruit. You can go from MI5 veterans to grannies in the park.

You can check out a trailer and the gameplay video below. Apparently, there is a  version of each for North America and one for Europe, mutually geolocked, so pick the version that works for you.

The game is coming on March 6, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

You can also check out the whole press conference for a full look at all the news revealed today for Ubisoft fans.

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