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Anthem 1.2.0 Update Now Live; Bioware to Launch Public Test Server

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Anthem 1.2.0 Update Now Live; Bioware to Launch Public Test Server

The 1.2.0 update for Anthem is live today on all platforms, fixing issues concerning most aspects of the game and other features.

The majority of the patch notes focus on fixing various issues with menus, missions, strongholds, Fort Tarsis, freeplay, and the environment. The most visible changes would be the addition of three legendary missions in the Emerald Abyss region and increasing the base damage for most abilities on all classes.

Bioware said the update today is more about technical fixes rather than adding new content. The fixes are meant to set up for the upcoming Cataclysm update, which was expected to launch sometime in May until it was delayed indefinitely last month.

Bioware also announced it will be releasing a Public Test Server for the PC version of Anthem to test upcoming content and receive feedback. The game has been plagued with several issues since its launch, such as PlayStation 4 crashes, poor loot drop rate, imbalanced weapons, and other gameplay problems.

The studio will be holding a livestream tomorrow, May 30 at 4 p.m. ET to explain these topics in deeper detail and show off the Cataclysm update for the first time. The livestream can be watched on the game’s official Twitch and Mixer channels.

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